EMI Calculator – How to calculate loan EMI? Easy & Fast


For this, by filling the information about your loan amount, interest rate and loan term, you have to tab on any empty space of the page and after that EMI will be calculated –

What is EMI?

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment.

Where the EMI is paid on the repayment of the loan received by the bank or financial institutions, which includes Interest + Pricipal Amount.

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This formule is used to calculate EMI –

How to calculate Loan EMI?

With the help of the EMI Calculator given above, you can find the EMI of any loan, such as -Home Loan
Personal Loan
Mudra Loan
Auto loan
Education Loan
MSME Loan etc.

To calculate EMI, enter the following details –

1 Loan Amount (₹)

The loan you want to take or for which you are Eligibile.

2 Interest Rate (%)

In this, you have to enter the interest rate of the loan, which may vary from bank to bank.

3 Loan Tenure (Year / Month)

Finally, indicate the duration of the loan being taken for how many years or months.

EMI Calculated

After doing this, your loan EMI will be calculated.

How does EMI change?

How much loan you will get mainly – it depends on your credit score and documents and how much EMI will be, this loan is measured on the amount, interest and tenure.

So obviously, if there is a change in any one of these three factors, then it will directly affect your EMI.

You can also understand these changes with the help of the above calculator.


This means that you want to pay the loan amount ahead of time.

In such a situation, your loan period is reduced and you get rid of the loan quickly. But for this reason, the bank does not get much interest and they lose.

For this, the bank uses an idea, which is the charges. Yes, if you want to prepay the loan to the bank, then you will also have to pay their charges.

Due to which the bank does not suffer much loss and they are able to manage it easily.



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