EPFO: What is EPF? How to check your PF balance?


The Employees Provident Fund or EPF is a mandatory contribution for every employee. As an Employee and Provident Fund (PF) member, you do not have to wait for the PF statement to be released at the end of the year to know the balance.

The Employees Provident Fund or EPF is a mandatory contribution for every employee. If a company has 20 or more employees, then the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) applies to that company. Employees with income of Rs 15,000 or less are required to invest in EPF. Employee Provident Fund is a good option for savings as 12% of your basic salary is deposited in the account every month, on which the employee also earns interest.

What is EPF

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is the nodal body of the EPF, which allows customers to view the EPF passbook online through its website. EFPO also provides missed call facility and remaining information through SMS service. So the EPF passbook contains the details of the contribution made to the EPF account.

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Employee Contribution – 12% of your Salary
Employer Contribution – 12% of your Salary (8.33% of 12% goes to your EPS – Employee Pension scheme and the remaining 3.67% is deposited in your pf account)
Employee Contribution and Employer Contribution Interest is also earned on both contributions.

EPF members can adopt certain methods to check the balance in the provident fund account ……

How to check PF balance from EPFO ​​website

1. The EPF member is required to log on to the official EPFO ​​website – epfindia.gov.in.

2. Then he has to click on the e-passbook link which is available in the top right of the web.

3. The user is then redirected to the EPF passbook page, passbook.epfindia.gov.in. The customer can enter the account by entering the username (also called UAN or Universal Account Number) and password. A UAN is an identification number mentioned in an employee’s monthly salary slip.

4. Once logged in, the relevant employment details can be selected. For example, people working in three different organizations will have three different member IDs to choose from.

5. After the member ID is selected, the user can view the EPF e-passbook (or EPF passbook). The passbook indicates the current balance in the EPF account.

Checking PF balance through SMS

If your UAN is registered with EPFO, your latest contribution and PF balance information can be found in a message. For this, you have to send it to 7738299899.

EPFOHO UAN ENG The last three letters are for the language. If you need information in Hindi, you can send it by writing EPFOHO UAN HIN. The service is available in English, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali. EPFO only sends the information of members to you. In this regard, your UAN should be linked to a bank account, PAN and Aadhaar. If not, ask your employer to link it.

Checking PF balance through Missed Call

Members registered on the UAN portal can make their PF balance available by making a missed call on 01122901406 from their registered mobile number. Just giving a missed call relieves you of various troubles. All you have to do is make a missed call on 01122901406, the member can check the pf balance from the missed call at no cost.

How to check PF BALANCE using UMANG APP in Mobile

You can check your PF balance only with the help of Umang app on your mobile phone. However, let us also tell you that the Umang app was launched by the government to access many government services at one place. You can check your EPF passbook through Umang app, claim for PF. You can also check the status of your PF claim. But before that you need the Umang app in your mobile phone, apart from this you need to register again. For which you will need your mobile number and the OTP on it. When you have completed this process, you can see everything about your PF account here with the help of your UAN number and password. You can use the services to your advantage.


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