Exclusive: When Disha Vakani of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah would speak in a manly voice on phone calls pretending to be her assistant

Disha Vakani of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
Disha Vakani of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Disha Vakani of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah popularly known as Daya Ben, who won audiences’ hearts with her hilarious acting skills and comedy timing on the show is equally funny in real-life. Ladies from Taarak Mehta…, Ambika Ranjankar, Jennifer Mistry Bansiwala, and Sonalika Joshi in a recent interview with had once revealed about Disha’s funny side.

Sonalika Joshi, who plays Mrs. Madhavi Bhide had said that Disha is very cheerful and naughty in real-life. Though Disha never played pranks on people on the set but she is very funny in real-life. Whenever she was on sets her body language would make people laugh. She used to always do something or other and make people around her laugh. Even when she would get angry with someone, nobody would come to know as she was really cute and used to never scold or shout at anyone.

Jennifer Mistry aka Mrs. Roshan Sodhi in her interview added, “We have shared our vanity van for almost 5 years. It was Disha, Neha (Anjali), and me. The van had just two beds at that time. So, Neha would be resting on one bed and on the other one, even if Disha was resting, when I used to walk in, she would always get up and offer me to use it. She was very kind and cooperative with everybody on the set. Be it sharing food or helping while getting ready for the shot, she would always think about others first and always demonstrated a helping nature.

Even during our make-up session also, without even requesting she would move away by herself. She would always sacrifice for others. There was a time when she was fond of photography and would make me her model. She was so passionate about her photography that she would make me pose for her for hours and I used to request her to let me go (laughs). She would subtly crack a joke and everyone would burst into laughter and she would stand there with a poker face.”

Jennifer also shared that once Disha’s phone number got public and she would get 50 calls a day and the latter had an unique way to deal with it, she said, “This is a very funny incident and we all know about it. She would attend all the anonymous calls and never ignored any of them. She would change her voice and speak in a manly voice, pretending to be her assistant. She would receive the call and tell everyone, ‘hello kaun bol raha hai mam abhi shoot mein busy hai.’ Disha patiently handled the entire thing. She is mind blowing and has a heart of gold. I used to keep telling her, ‘Disha agar main 5% bhi teri tarah ho jaaun na main kahan pahuch jaaungi.”

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