Fake Covid-19 Vaccine: 7th pass made young man Corona vaccine? Jailed for selling license to the government


Fake Covid-19 Vaccine in Odisha: Amidst the coronavirus, big scientists and doctors have not yet found any success in finding the drug of Corona (Covid-19 Vaccine). But, a 7th pass youth from India also rejected the claim of making Corona medicine with their top secret ‘formula. Not sure but, this youth also sent a mail to the administration to sell Corona’s medicine. Now the administration’s mind got shocked. What happened then, when the police raided the youth’s whereabouts, several vials were found on which the corona vaccine was written.

The surprising case is of Bargarh district of Odisha. The police have arrested the youth on charges of manufacturing fake Corona drugs. The accused has been identified as 32-year-old Prahlad B.C., studying up to 7th. He was so confident in his medicine that he even mailed the administration for a license.

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Many vials seized
The drug inspector said that he came to know about this fake corona vaccine via email. After raiding the whereabouts of the accused, powder, chemical and ‘Kovid-19 vaccine’ vials were found there. All corona in appearance resembles the vaccine sticker. Apart from this, the team has also recovered medicines to cure Bajpana.

Corona vaccine made with the ‘top secret’ formula?
Police and drug officials said that the young man had not yet sold these fake medicines. However, when asked about the composition of the vaccine, that is, the formula, he refused to say it as ‘top secret’. He continued to claim that his vaccine would completely cure Corona.



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