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Father Mahesh Bhatt on Alia marrying Ranbir Kapoor, said: I will take you to the bathroom to get married….

It is said sir that daughter is father’s darling and son is mother’s darling, in such a situation every father loves his daughter very much and he can do anything for her happiness, same is Alia Bhatt’s father. There is a similar relationship with Maheshwar, he is very positive about Alia Bhatt!

Whenever it comes to their real life dating and marriage, Mahesh Bhatt has a different view in this, Alia Bhatt herself admitted in an interview that her father does not want her to get married at all! Not only this, but Mahesh Bhatt cannot see himself getting away from his daughters, for this once he even threatened to stop Shahin and Alia by taking them to the bathroom!

The same Alia Bhatt once told in her interview that how her father once told her that you cannot go anywhere and if you still insist on going, I will lock you all in the room! According to Alia Bhatt, Shaheen and Alia cannot be seen by their father getting married at all! He has told that his father has not said these things like this, he can really do it too! Because he is a very possessive father and always forbids both of us from getting married!

According to Alia Bhatt, when she had to romance Arjun Kapoor in the movie 2state, her father Mahesh Bhatt got very angry, while in an interview during this film, Alia Bhatt had told that I explained to my father that it was just acting. Then his father Mahesh Bhatt had said that if you romance someone in front of me in real life, then I will slap you in front of everyone!




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