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FD Rate: This bank will give up to 7.20% interest on FD of just one and a half years, check the details

Profitable deal on FD: This FD can prove to be even more profitable for senior citizens. They are being given up to 7.85% interest on a tenure of 1.5 years. Know here how much interest is being given on Axis Bank’s tenure of 7 to 10 years.

Profitable deal on FD: If you are one of those investors who believe a lot in Fixed Deposit, then this news is for you. FD schemes are for different tenures. You have the option to invest in FD at both banks and post offices. But at the time of investment, you have to see where you are getting better interest because every bank offers different interest on FD.

If you are looking for an option where you do not have to invest for a very long time and you also get the benefit of better interest rates, then once turn to Axis Bank. In this bank, common people are getting the benefit of up to 7.20% interest on FD of just one and a half years. Check the details here-

Senior citizens get up to 7.85% interest

Axis Bank offers FDs to its customers from 7 days to 10 years. Interest ranging from 3% to 7.20% is being given on these FDs. This interest is for different tenures. The maximum benefit is in FDs with a tenure of 18 months. If you make an FD in this bank for 18 months i.e. one and a half years, then you will be given interest at the rate of 7.20%. Senior citizens will get the benefit of interest up to 7.85%.

What is the interest on tenure of 7 days to 10 years?

  • 7 to 29 days – 3 percent
  • 30 to 45 days – 3.5 percent
  • 46 to 60 days – 4.25 percent
  • 61 days to less than 3 months – 4.50 percent
  • 3 months 1 day to less than 6 months – 4.75 percent
  • 6 months to less than 9 months – 5.75 percent
  • 9 months to one year – 6 percent
  • 1 year to less than 15 months – 6.70 percent
  • 15 months 1 day to less than 17 months – 7.10 percent
  • More than 17 months to less than 18 months – 7.20 percent
  • 18 months to less than 5 years – 7.10 percent
  • 5 to 10 years – 7.00 percent
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