Fearing FATF, PAK Parliamentary also agreed – Muslims are forcing Hindus in the country


Islamabad The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has expressed strong resentment over the poor attitude of Pakistan against terrorism. Apart from this, the Imran government (Imran Khan) has been repeatedly scolded in international forums on the increasing human rights violation cases in Pakistan. In the midst of all this, the Pak Parliament has also stamped the veracity of the cases of atrocities and conversions going on against Hindus and other minorities in the country for a long time.

According to Don, the parliamentary committee of Pakistan has admitted that the government has completely failed to protect the interests of religious minorities. The committee, constituted under the chairmanship of Senator Anwarul Haque Kakar, recently visited several areas of Sindh province in connection with forced conversions. Incidents of forced conversions and atrocities of Hindu girls are taking place on a large scale in this area. After visiting these areas of Sindh province, Kakar, chairman of the parliamentary committee, shared his findings with journalists. He clearly believes that the government has not discharged any responsibility in cases of forced conversions.

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What does the report say?
According to this investigation report, the government has completely failed to stop these cases. Most of these cases are about kidnapping and converting directly. According to the report of the parliamentary committee, in some cases it was argued that this work was done to improve the standard of living of these girls, but this cannot be assumed. However, the committee has accepted that the work done by giving economic basis or greed will also fall under the category of forced conversion. The parliamentary committee also said that along with atrocities, many kinds of greed are given to take the poor Hindu-Christian girls from here. Those who are doing these things, they should think whether they would like this to happen to their girls too.
The committee gave many important suggestions

The committee has suggested that where Hindu girls are being forced forcibly converted, the district administration should change the rules. In any girl’s marriage, the presence and consent of her bride (parent or guardian) should be necessary. The district administration should clearly explain to such girls what is the difference between forced and consensual marriage. In the case of minor girls, the responsibility of the district administration increases further.

According to the report of the parliamentary committee, most of the cases are from Sangar, Ghotki, Saqqara, Khairpur, Mirpur Khas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There have been cases of Christian women in some parts of Punjab. Social activist Krishna Sharma said that two types of cases are being seen in the forced conversion of Hindu girls. The first cases include kidnapping and illegal confinement. Other types of cases are even more serious. In these cases work is being done under planned procedure. The entire system of the country is involved in this. From the police to the court, they violate all the rules and give shelter to those who convert. The age of marriage in Sindh province is 18 years. Therefore, the courts should also directly look into the case of minors.



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