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Flight Offers: Great offer for students, with cheap fares, there will be thousands of benefits

IndiGo has started a flight offer for students, in which they are being given a discount on cheap flights as well as extra charges on baggage. In this offer, it is being said that students will be given a discount if they have 10 kg extra weight.

After decreasing the cases of corona virus, now people have started traveling once again. On this occasion, many airlines are also giving discounts at different levels to the passengers. Recently, many companies had also offered cheap flights claiming better security. Now Indigo Airlines has started a special offer and this offer is especially for the students. If students have to travel now, then they can be of great benefit.

Actually, in this offer of Indigo, students are not only going to get discount in flight fares, while there are many such discounts, which can save thousands of rupees for students. Yes, if you are also a student, then you can save a lot of money by flying in Indigo right now and can reduce the expenses on the flight. In such a situation, know what this offer of Indigo is and how the students are going to benefit from it.

What is this offer?
According to the information given by Indigo on the official Twitter handle, this offer is only for the students. In this offer, apart from giving discount in flight fares to students, discounts on extra baggage will also be given. In this offer, students have also been given a discount on 10 kg extra baggage, so that they can carry more baggage than the baggage prescribed by the airline.

Let us tell you that there is a limit on the baggage passengers can carry with them while traveling in the flight and each passenger can carry only the weight according to the kilo. If the weight exceeds a fixed limit, extra money is charged per kg. In such a situation, it is being said that in this offer, students are being given a discount on having 10 kg extra weight.

How much is extra money?
If we talk about Indigo itself, then if the weight exceeds the limit fixed by Indigo, passengers have to pay a fee of Rs 500 per kg. For example, suppose the limit is 10 kg and you have 11 kg of goods, then you will have to pay 500 rupees extra for one kg. At the same time, if you have to pay baggage charge first through online, then Rs 1200 on 3 kg, Rs 2000 on 5 kg, Rs 4 thousand on 10 kg, Rs 6000 on 15 kg, Rs 8000 on 20 kg and 12 thousand on 30 kg. Rs.



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