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Flight tickets booking news: Air travel is going to be cheaper, the service you did not use will not be charged

Flight tickets booking news: In general, when a passenger books a flight ticket, sometimes the price of some such things is not included in the passenger.

Flight tickets booking news: If you do air travel, then there is good news for you. Flight tickets news is going to be cheaper in the coming days. The Civil Aviation Regulator DGCA has given clear instructions to the airlines, stating that a customer should not be charged for the things he is not going to use. In general, when a passenger books a flight ticket, the price of some such things is also included in it, which he does not use at all. Not only this, the passenger does not even know about this.

If the facility is not availed, the ticket will cost less 

The services that are listed in the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) circular, the biggest service is check-in baggage. Many times customers travel light only with their hand bags without check in baggage. An airline has a permit for check-in baggage of up to 15 kg. In such a situation, if a customer is traveling light with only hand bag, then he has to pay the cost of that 15 kg check in baggage. In view of this, the DGCA has told the airlines that if the passenger is traveling with only hand bag, then his fare should be less than 200 rupees from the minimum price.

No more than Rs 200 charge on check in baggage 

According to the news, if the customer has chosen the option of no check in baggage in ticket booking but still he is present with the check in baggage at the ticket counter, then he should not be charged more than Rs 200 at the ticket counter. The airline should not do its arbitrary here. Usually, a flight ticket has the permission to carry a 15 kg check in bag. If the weight of baggage is more than this limit then only he has to make extra payment. If the customer or passenger light travels here, then there is no difference in his ticket, but now his ticket can be cheap after Kovid.

Food and drinks inside the flight

One of the services listed in DGCA circulars is the service of food and drinks inside the flight. Many times when we go on a flight, we are getting full facility, but still we do not eat or touch the drinks that are being served. Many passengers drink only water. While the price of food and drinks is also listed in the ticket of passengers who are not using it. Airlines like Air India or Vistara are still offering full service in the country. Here the DGCA has clearly stated that when the passenger is not having food in the flight, drinks are not drunk, then the charges of all these should not be included in his ticket.

Airports Lounge, Sports and Musical Instruments Charge

Another service listed in the DGCA circular is the airports lounge, sports and loads of musical instruments, whose charges will not be included in the ticket in the coming days, which the passenger is not going to use. Actually, the price of your ticket depends on the aircraft fuel. In such a situation, if you do not have your check-in baggage, then you have not given 15 kg or any weight on the aircraft, then why should you pay the price. This DGCA circular was actually issued before Kovid, but due to Kovid, flights were halted, but even after the flight started, their pricing was capped. After flight of Kovid in the coming days, when the flight services are restored to full capacity, then its effect will be seen on your ticket.



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