Forbes India Rich List 2020: Mukesh Ambani tops Indian rich for 13th consecutive year


Forbes has released the list of Top 100 Richest Indians of the year 2020. Many new names have also been added to this list. The Top 100 has added assets of $ 517.5 billion, 14 per cent more than the total wealth of those included in the list of last year. The first number includes Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries. He has assets of $ 88.7 billion.

Gautam Adani is second in the Forbes list with a net worth of $ 25.2 billion. The third number includes Shiv Nadar’s name. He has assets of $ 20.4 billion. At number four is Radhakishan Damani, owner of D Mart. He has assets of $ 15.4 billion. The fifth place includes the name of Hinduja Brothers. He has assets of $ 12.8 billion. At number six is ​​Cyrus Poonawala with assets of $ 11.5 billion.

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Pallonji Mistry is on the seventh position, having assets of $ 11.4 billion. At number eight is Uday Kotak with assets of $ 11.3 billion. While Godrej Family has got the number nine position. His wealth is 11 billion dollars. Lakshmi Mittal is in the tenth number. He has assets of $ 10.3 billion.  

Forbes India Top 10 List 2020

Industrialist Net worth
Mukesh Ambani 88.7 billion dollars
Gautam Adani 25.2 billion dollars
Shiv Nadar 20.4 billion dollars
Radhakrishna Damani and Family 15.4 billion dollars
Hinduja Brothers 12.8 billion dollars
Cyrus Poonawala 11.5 billion dollars
Paleanji mistry 11.4 billion dollars
Uday Kotak 11.3 billion dollars
Godrej Family 11 billion dollars
Lakshmi Mittal 10.3 billion dollars



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