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Funny Jokes: When the female employee asked for leave from the bank manager, knowing the reason will not stop laughing, read such funny jokes

Just as good air, good food are necessary for any person to be healthy, similarly your laughter also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. If you make a habit of laughing in the morning and evening, then no disease, whether mental or physical, will come to you. That’s why we have brought some such funny jokes for you, after reading which you will burst out laughing. So let’s start this series of laughs and laughs…

Pappu goes to the library and asks if there is a book on ways to commit suicide…?

the librarian stared at him

And asked – who will come back brother…!

One mosquito was sitting upset, then the other mosquito asked… what happened?

First Mosquito- Nothing Dude I am thinking that the rat in the rattrap… Soap in the soapbox…

It is amazing that a person is sleeping in a mosquito net.

Lady Cashier – I want a few days off,

Because I feel like my beauty has diminished a bit.

Bank Manager – What do you mean?

Female cashier- Men have started taking money by counting.

Pinky – Who is more satisfied, who has ten children, or who has ten lakh rupees?

Chintu – The one who has ten children

Pinky- How is that?

Chintu- The one who has ten children doesn’t want more, while the one who has ten lakh rupees wants more.

Pappu – As a child, I used to study in 4th standard

Once during a school trip, I had fallen from Qutub Minar.

Gappu- Oh teri… well what happened then? did you die or

was saved?

Pappu – Abe donkey, what do I know, where are all the things of childhood


Troubled by the problem of loose motion, the doctor told the traffic constable…

While taking medicine, the traffic constable asked the doctor, is there anything to be avoided?

The doctor said – just don’t blow the whistle loudly.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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