Gaalib: TV’s ‘Sita’ ready to return after a long time, Deepika Chikhalia will be seen in the role of terrorist’s wife


Deepika Chikhlia has also shared the poster of her film Ghalib on her Instagram account.

MUMBAI: Amid the lockdown released in the country due to Coronavirus, the 80s superhit serial ‘Ramayan’ recently made a comeback on TV. Ramayana was well received by the audience. In the TRP race, Ramayana kept making new records amidst lockdown. Now Ramayan’s ‘Sita’ i.e. Deepika Chikhlia Topiwala is ready to return to the audience and that too on the big screen. The first poster of Deepika Chikhaliya’s upcoming film has been released. The actress herself has shared the poster of her film Ghalib on her Instagram account.

In the poster, Deepika Chikhaliya is seen wearing a salwar suit with a scarf on her head. At the same time, actor Nikhil Pitale is seen with the actress, who will be seen in the role of his son Ghalib in the film. Deepika Chikhalia has also shared the poster of the film Ghalib on Twitter. While sharing the poster, the actress wrote in the caption, ‘The poster of the film Ghalib has been released. this is a true story. I will continue to share information related to the film’s post and release date with you.

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Giving information about the release date of the film, the actress wrote – ‘August schedule has been fixed for the release of the film, but we all know what the conditions are right now.’ Let me tell you that the film ‘Ghalib’ is a biopic of Afzal Guru, convicted of the 2001 Parliament attacks. Afzal Guru was hanged in 2013. However, the story of Afzal’s son Ghalib will not be shown in the film. The film is produced by director Manoj Giri and producer Dhanshyam Patel.


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