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Good News! LPG customers can get 50 lakh rupees, know how they can avail benefits

Domestic LPG gas is used every day in crores of homes. LPG where it is very convenient for cooking.

New Delhi. Domestic LPG gas is used every day in crores of homes. LPG where it is very convenient for cooking. At the same time, its wrong or careless use also brings trouble. Many times there are reports of fire due to gas cylinder leakage. In which the whole house burns down. At the same time, there are reports of human death in many cases. But do you know that petroleum companies also provide personal accident cover to the customer. That is, if you have an accident related to a gas cylinder, then you get the benefit of insurance of Rs 50 lakh.

According to the rules of petroleum companies, if the accident is due to gas leakage or blast, then you can get the benefit of this facility. For this insurance, petroleum companies have partnership with insurance companies. At present, insurance on LPG connections of Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum is through ICICI Lombard.

What is the claim process

  1. The procedure for taking claim after accident is given on the official website ( ). According to the website, if the customer gets an LPG connection from the cylinder he gets, if there is an accident in his house, then that person becomes entitled to insurance up to Rs 50 lakh.
  2. According to the rules, the maximum compensation that can be received in case of an accident is up to Rs 50 lakh. The maximum compensation that can be given to each person injured in an accident is Rs 10 lakh.
  3. To get the insurance cover available on LPG cylinder, it is necessary that the customer immediately informs the nearest police station about the accident. Along with this, inform your LPG distributor also.
  4. Distributors of IndianOil, HPC and BPC are required to take an insurance policy for accidents including third party insurance cover for persons and properties.
  5. These are not in the name of any individual customer, but every customer is covered in this policy. For this he does not even have to pay any premium.
  6. To take advantage of insurance, it is necessary that the customer should keep a copy of the FIR lodged with the police, medical bills and medical bills of the injured and postmortem report in case of death, death certificate.
  7. In case of accident, compensation is claimed on his behalf through the distributor. The insurance company deposits the claim amount with the concerned distributor and from here this amount reaches the customer.

This is the departmental process 

When you register an FIR for the incident and inform the distributor, the concerned area office investigates the cause of the accident. If the accident is an LPG accident, the LPG distributor agency/area office will inform the insurance company’s local office. After this the claim is filed with the concerned insurance company. The customer is not required to apply for the claim or contact the insurance company directly.

These documents are needed

In the event of death of someone in an LPG accident, the petroleum company of the LPG cylinder has to submit the original copy of the death certificate and post-mortem report of the deceased.

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