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Good News On LIC’s mutual fund scheme : In just 5 years, lakhs of people here have double, know about LIC’s fantastic scheme…

Make Money Fast Today: LIC’s mutual fund scheme has given a bumper return in 5 years. If someone had invested 10,000 rupees in the year 2016, then they would have increased to 20083 rupees.

If you want to earn big profits with small amount then you have a good chance. Because the money in the scheme of mutual funds is doubling fast. That is why today we are telling you about one such special scheme of LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India). Which has got 10 percent in one year, 31 percent in 2 years and 100 percent in 5 years.

Now the question arises that why should one invest in mutual funds? Experts say that mutual fund companies added 72 lakh folios despite the 2020 Corona virus epidemic last year.

If put in easy words, new investors are constantly investing money. In the last one year, 72 lakh retail investors have invested money. This information has been given by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi), a mutual fund organization. A folio is the number given to an individual investor account. An investor can have many folios.

By the end of December 2020, the total number of folios of 45 mutual fund companies increased by 72 lakhs to 9.43 crores. It was 8.71 crore at the end of December 2019.

Experts say that fast money can be made by investing in mutual funds. Where only 5 to 8 percent interest is being received on 5-year FD. At the same time, money has doubled in many fund schemes.

Now let’s talk about LIC MF Large & Mid Cap Fund …

Experts say that in one year this fund has given a return of 10 per cent. If someone had invested 10 thousand rupees, they would have got about 10990 rupees now. At the same time, the amount has doubled to Rs. 20083 in 5 years.

If someone puts 1000 rupees every month through SIP, then his amount would have increased to Rs 14568.66 in one year. While the investment becomes 12000 rupees.

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Buy LIC MF Large & Mid Cap Fund with good fundamentals

LIC has stocks such as ICICI Bank, Infosys, HDFC Bank, Voltas, Reliance Industries in its portfolio. They have given very strong returns in the market.

How to invest money in SIP

A systematic investment plan allows you to put a fixed amount every month in the mutual funds scheme of your choice. If you want, you can also invest every week through SIP. Discipline is very important in investment. SIP maintains discipline in investment.

Apart from this, it continues to invest regularly. Whether the market is fast or slow, your money keeps going to mutual funds. For example, if you decided to put a fixed amount every month in a mutual fund scheme, then you will not have to take time separately for this.

What is the investment process in three steps? Keep the necessary documents ready. To start SIP, you should have some important documents. These include PAN card, address proof, passport size photograph and check book. Check book because it also contains your account number.

It is now necessary to link Aadhaar to your mutual fund investment by 31 March. KYC is essential to start investing in essential mutual funds No Your Customer (KYC) is mandatory. You have to give the necessary information like name, date of birth, mobile number, address etc. You only have to give it once. Online can also complete the process of KYC ie e-KYC

For example, if you decided to put a fixed amount every month in a Mutual Fund scheme, then you will have to find time for it.

Secondly, if you take the time to invest in Mutual Fund and if the stock market is weak or fast, then you feel that your investment should not be drowned and because of this you defer the decision.

SIP saves you from all these troubles and invests the pre-decided amount from your bank account in your preferred Mutual Fund scheme on the scheduled day.


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