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Good news: SBI Has Exploded, Getting A Big Benefit On Less Investment, Know Everything

New Delhi: Every Person Wants To Invest In Such A Place, So That Money Is Also Safe And There Is No Problem In Earning. There Were Also Some Private Companies Who Deposited The Money Of The People On The Hoax, But Nothing Was Received In The Name Of Relief.

In Such A Situation, It Becomes Your Responsibility To Invest In Such A Place, So That The Money Does Not Go Into The Pit. In The Meantime, We Are Going To Tell You About Such An Investment, From Which Even Money Will Not Die And It Will Be Fine In Earning.

In Such A Situation, The Country’s Largest Bank State Bank Of India ( SBI ) Is Considered One Of The Safest Options. SBI Gives Its Customers The Option Of Saving From Fixed Deposit To Public Provident Fund.

You Can Earn Every Month By Investing In Some Schemes Of The Bank. The Name Of This Name Scheme Of SBI Is SBI Annuity Deposit. Let Us Know What Are The Benefits You Get In This Plan.

This Is A Type Of Fixed Deposit I.E. FD. In This, You Deposit The Entire Amount In One Go To The Bank And Then You Will Get The Interest Money Monthly. This Will Include Both Your Principal And Interest. This Plan Is For 5 Years, 7 Years And 10 Years. In This, You Can Invest According To The Need Of Your Time Period.

Will Be The Investment

There Is No Limit To Deposit Money. In This, There Is An Option To Withdraw Money On Time On Investment Up To Rs 15 Lakh. Above This Option Is Not Available. Apart From This, Even On The Death Of The Depositor, He Can Withdraw His Investment Prematurely I.E. Before Maturity.

At The Same Time, On Investment Of Less Than 3 To 5 Years, Interest Is Available At The Rate Of 5.30 Percent. At The Same Time, For Investment For More Than 5 Years But Less Than 10 Years, Interest Is Given At The Rate Of 5.40 Percent.

Overdraft Or Loan Facility Is Also Available In This Scheme Up To 75 Percent Of The Amount Invested. SBI Gives Universal Passbook Under This Scheme, From Which You Can Transfer Money Between Branches As Well.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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