Government preparing to bring health ID card, may be announced on August 15- will be necessary for every citizen like Aadhaar


Health ID Card: During the Corona period, the central government is preparing to keep the health records of every citizen of the country in digital form. With this card, the doctor will be able to sit anywhere and see all the medical records through your unique ID.

new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) is preparing to bring ‘One Nation one Health Card’ on the lines of ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ soon. According to sources, the central government can announce the National Digital Health Mission on August 15. Under this scheme, the health data of every citizen of the country will be on one platform. Apart from this, everyone’s health ID card (Health Card) will be prepared. In this data, information about health services will be available all over the country along with the details of the doctor.

MoneycontrolAccording to a news report in the US, according to top official sources, the National Digital Health Mission has received in-principle approval from the Union Cabinet. It is expected that by the end of this week, this mission will get official approval. It has also been learned from the sources that on the day of August 15, PM can launch it with its announcement.

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Know what is ‘One Nation One Health Card’ –
Through the One Nation one health card scheme of the government, everyone has to get a health card made. The complete information about the treatment and test that results from this will be digitally saved in this card. Record of this will be kept. The biggest advantage of this will be that when you go to any hospital or doctor in the country for treatment, then you will not have to take all the prescription and test report. The doctor will be able to sit from anywhere and see all the medical records through your unique ID.

Hospitals, clinics, doctors will be linked to a central server to keep a person’s medical data. For the hospital and the citizens, it will now depend on their wish whether they want to join this mission or not. A unique unique ID will be issued for every citizen. Login will be done on the same basis. The National Digital Health Mission mainly focuses on four things. Health ID, personal health records, registration of Digi doctors and health facilities across the country.

got approval for Rs 470 crore in preparation-
According to the report, this scheme will first be started in select states of the country and after that it will be implemented in different phases across the country. For this, the Finance Ministry has also approved Rs 470 crore. In this scheme, the privacy of the data of the health ID holders will be fully taken care of. No one else will get their information without their consent. People can also add this unique Health ID to the Aadhaar card, for this the option will remain open.




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