Government will present real picture of increasing employment, job market in crisis from Corona


Unemployment has become a major challenge since the Corona crisis. To tackle this challenge, the government is preparing to present the real picture of job creation. The government’s plan is to gather the actual information about the job seekers through it and present the real picture of labor capital.

The government believes that only central and state governments and industry are not able to provide employment to such a large population of the country. Professionals like lawyers, CA, doctors, architects have contributed in providing large number of jobs in the country. Therefore, the government wants to collect detailed data of these people so that the real picture of employment can be presented before the country. The government has decided to conduct a survey with the Labor Bureau, the data and statistics wing of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. A top government official said that this survey will help us to know the actual status of the job market. This will help in planning ahead to generate employment. By doing this, there is a preparation to remove unemployment by creating employment opportunities rapidly in the country.

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Committee was formed

The Ministry of Labor has given the Economist and Professor S.K. A committee has been formed under the leadership of P. Mukherjee. This committee will decide the roadmap for data gathering of the employment market. The committee will finalize the examination of the program, sample design, material tabulation plan and other technical details for conducting the survey by the Labor Bureau. As per the order, the committee will finalize the resources, time, methodology and data as well as examine the results. It will then finalize the report.

Corona job market in crisis

A top government official said unemployment had risen sharply since Corona and the lockdown. The economy is improving after the end of the lockdown but there remains a concern in the job market. Opportunities for new jobs are not increasing rapidly. In view of this, the government wants to prepare a comprehensive data of the job market so that the actual situation is known and the policy should be made accordingly, which creates huge employment opportunities.

Professionals provide large number of jobs

Market experts say that professionals such as lawyers, CAs, doctors, architects employ millions of people. They provide direct and indirect support to the job market. Even in the midst of the Corona crisis, these classes have remained a major means of providing employment. In such a situation, this effort of the government is in the right direction. By collecting their right data, it will help in providing employment to the youth at the right place.

The unemployment rate in 10 states in double digits was
22.3% in Uttarakhand and 19.7% in Haryana, according to CMIE. Unemployment rate in September was


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