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Groom came on stage with the bride for dance, then did such an act, see the viral video

Wedding Video: A video of the bride and groom (Bride Groom Video) is becoming fiercely viral. The groom brought the bride on stage to dance in this video, after that you will laugh after seeing what happened. People are reacting fiercely to this video.

Bride Groom Video: Sometimes we happily do many such things, which are not expected. However, during this time small mistakes also happen, which we ignore. But if the occasion is of performance in a marriage, then there is a need to be a little more cautious. We dance with joy in the wedding. During this, not only family-friends but also many guests are involved in front of us. Whenever you dance in front of him, you take care of tehzeeb and nazakat. When there is a slight mistake, people start talking about all kinds of things. Something similar happened with a bride and groom in marriage when they came on stage to dance.

The bride was badly dropped during the dance

A funny video is going viral on social media in which a groom fell while trying to dance with his bride. In the video going viral, the bride and groom can be seen dancing on the dance floor with the other couple. The groom pulls the bride to him to dance with her and tries to lift her to make an advance move. However, as soon as the groom tries to lift and handle the bride, his leg stumbles. Due to poor dance skills and lack of proper grip, he falls badly for the bride.

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This video went viral on social media

Meanwhile, another couple who appear to be intoxicated. Everyone is busy enjoying the dance. As soon as this video was uploaded on Instagram by an account named Ghanta, people liked it very much. About one lakh fifty thousand people liked this video, while it has been seen more than 10 lakh times. Many other users also gave their feedback on this video (Instagram Reels Video). One user wrote, ‘Josh lost consciousness in Josh, the poor man must have broken his back.’



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