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Groom printed such a line on his wedding card, the readers were stunned

Wedding Viral News: When a marriage takes place in someone’s house, he gives information about the name and place of his families, but a person wrote such a thing on his card, after reading which the guests were surprised.

Bhiwani Viral Wedding Card: More than a month after farmers’ protests against three controversial agricultural laws broke out at different borders of the national capital Delhi, a Haryana man married 1500 marriages two weeks before his wedding. Got the card printed. In which he chose a unique method of protest against the central government. He demanded a law guaranteeing the Minimum Support Price (MSP) on the crop produce.

1500 cards printed for marriage on February 9

Pradeep Kaliramana, a resident of Bhiwani district of Haryana, is getting married on February 9. He has printed 1,500 wedding cards. On his wedding card, ‘The battle is still on, MSP’s turn’ is written. Apart from this, a ‘tractor’ and a signboard showing ‘No Farmers, No Food’ have also been displayed on the wedding card.

Such a message given through a wedding card

Pradeep said, ‘I want to send this message through my wedding card that the victory of farmers’ protest is not complete yet. The victory of the farmers will be declared only when the central government gives in writing to the farmers a law under the MSP Act giving guarantee.

Without the law on MSP, farmers have nothing and the martyrdom of farmers and their sacrifices will also be fulfilled only when there is a legal guarantee on MSP.

He said, ‘During the farmers’ protest, I went to the borders of Delhi and extended my support to all the other farmers sitting at various protest sites. This is the reason why I got 1500 wedding cards printed demanding legal guarantee on MSP.

Farmer’s movement lasted on the borders of Delhi for 13 months

In fact, on June 5, 2020, the Central Government placed three agricultural bills on the table of the Parliament and on September 20, after the Lok Sabha, it was passed in the Rajya Sabha.

At the same time, this movement, which started in protest against the agricultural laws, lasted on the borders of Delhi for 13 months, in the end the government withdrew the agriculture law, after which there was an agreement with the farmers and the government on other demands of the farmers.



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