Hajj 2021: It is possible to go on Haj during Ramadan between Corona, but only people from these 3 categories will get entry


Saudi Arabia has announced that people can undertake Hajj in the holy month of Ramadan. But not everyone has been allowed for this.

Saudi Arabia Allows People to Perform Umrah: Saudi Arabia has said that it will allow people to enter the Makkah Mosque in Ramadan (Hajj). But not everyone will get this entry. Only those people who have been covered by COVID-19 Vaccine can come to the mosque. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said in a statement that three categories of people will be considered ‘immunized’ – those who have received both doses of the Kovid vaccine, those who received the first dose of the vaccine at least 14 days ago and those Those recovered from the corona virus.

These people will be considered eligible for umrah. Along with this, they can also offer namaz in the mosque of Mecca. The condition laid by the ministry will also apply for entry into the Prophet Mosque of Madinah (Hajj and Umrah). The ministry said that this policy will start only with Ramadan. This can start from the end of this month but it is not clear how long this will continue. Along with this, it is also not clear whether this policy, which was brought with the aim of curbing the corona virus, will be extended to the annual Haj pilgrimage by the end of the year.

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