Happiest Minds: Returns up to 138% in 10 days, double the investors’ money; These IPOs have also been made rich


Super Hit IPO: Investors are always in the eye of the IPO market, where strong profits can be made in a very short time.

Super Hit IPO: Investors are always in the eye of the IPO market, where strong profits can be made in a very short time. Actually, new companies bring IPOs to expand their business. If the right investment is identified from these, then investors can earn big money only on the day of listing i.e. 10 to 12 days after the issue opens. A recent example of this is the IPO of Happiest Minds. This IPO, launched on September 7, has done wonders. On September 17, its listing in the stock market was done at a 111 percent premium. There have been many such IPOs in the market before, which have had a bumper listing in the market.

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Happiest Minds: Double the money within 10 days
Happiest Minds’ IPO was opened for investment on September 7. Then its issue price was kept at Rs 166. Today, on September 17, the issue was listed on BSE at a price of 111 per cent premium ie Rs 351. At the same time, during the trading, it rose by 138 percent from the issue price to reach the price of Rs 395. In this context, the money of those who had invested in it increased to more than double within just 10 days. Nearly 2.4 lakhs of 1 lakh were made here.

These IPOs also did wonders
Issue listing

IRCTC 128%
Estran Paper 139.4%
Salasar Technology 152%
Avenue Supermart 114%
PG Electroplast 96%
Birla Pacific 153.5%
Career Point 104%
Tantia Construction 260%
GCM Securities 225%
Max Alert Systems 157%

He also performed well in the future
In the issue of bumper listing, some stocks led even better, while some fell sharply. Avenue Supermart was listed on the stock market at a premium of 114 per cent. Listed at Rs 604 in the stock market with an issue price of Rs 299. Today, the stock rose 618 percent from the issue price to Rs 2148. Similarly, IRCTC listing was done at Rs 644 with 128 percent premium. Today, the stock gained 326 percent to Rs 1362. Indraprastha Gas was listed on the stock market with a premium of 150 percent. Today, this stock is trading up to 9 times from its issue price to close to Rs 416.

At the same time, issues like Eiffel India and India Mart Intermesh gained well after the normal listing. Whereas, such as Salasar Technology, PG Electroplast, Birla Pacific, Tantia Construction, GCM Securities, Max Alert Systems, Career Points, could not sustain the gains. There was a huge drop in them.


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