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Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu started copying this actress as soon as she became Miss Universe, did not even change the pose

Seeing the latest look of Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, everyone is remembering the beautiful look of Sushmita Sen for years. In such a situation, the fans say that Harnaaz is a big fan of Sushmita in terms of fashion.

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu Copies Sushmita Sen: Ever since she won the Miss Universe title, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu has dominated her beauty and sometimes her statements. Now once again something has been done in Harnaaz, due to which discussions are taking place about her everywhere. Actually, Harnaaz has dropped some of her pictures from an event on Instagram, seeing which fans are missing former Miss Universe and actress Sushmita Sen.

Harnaaz Sushmita’s collage goes viral

On Instagram, fans are sharing by making collages of the identical look of Sushmita and Harnaaz. In these pictures, you can see that this look of Harnaaz and Sushmita is so much that the fans are trying to find the difference in it. Netizens believe that Harnaaz is very much influenced by Sushmita in terms of fashion and looks and copies her.

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Harnaaz Sushmita’s look

During this, both Harnaaz and Sushmita are wearing pink color dress. Although the dress of both is different but the color is pink. Along with this, everything from hairstyles to accessories is on the same pattern though the design is different. But this look of Harnaaz is definitely reminding of Sushmita’s old look.

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Sushmita had congratulated

Let us tell you that while Harnaz Kaur has been elected Miss Universe in the year 2021, Sushmita Sen became India’s first Miss Universe in the year 1994. Sushmita Sen also congratulated Harnaaz on becoming Miss Universe. Sushmita wrote, ‘Yeh baat, Har Hindustani ki Naaz Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu Miss Universe 2021 Very proud of you. Congratulations Harnaaz Sandhu, thank you for representing India so beautifully and bringing back the crown of Miss Universe (you are 21, you were in luck) in 21 years. May you enjoy every moment of learning and sharing on this incredible global platform. Many congratulations to your mother and family.



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