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Harnaaz Sandhu, fond of Punjabi food, this disease has increased weight, keeps herself fit with special diet

Who would not want to get the limelight and personality like Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu. Harnaaz is a wonderful combination of beauty with brains. That’s why she managed to bring back the crown of Miss Universe to India after 21 years. These days, Harnaaz may be being body-shamed for her increased weight. But this does not mean that Harnaaz does not take care of her fitness.

It is a disease called celiac, due to which Harnaaz has gained weight after 3 months of the Miss Universe competition. If you have seen the pictures of Harnaaz during the competition, then she is seen in a very slim and toned figure. Harnaaz revealed her fitness and diet secret in an interview.

Harnaaz Sandhu is Punjabi and it is not hidden from anyone how much Punjabi people are fond of eating and drinking. Harnaaz Sandhu is also very fond of food. Harnaaz likes to eat home cooked food. She keeps her diet simple and clean.

Harnaaz never misses the gym. She practices yoga and meditation daily. Harnaaz says that through yoga and meditation, she is able to keep a deep connection with her surroundings. Harnaaz’s workouts include bodyweight exercises, strength training, functional training, pushups, battle rope and running.

Harnaaz considers swimming a great exercise. Miss Universe Harnaaz says that swimming relaxes her body and she feels refreshed from inside. Horse riding is also a hobby that Harnaaz likes to do in free time.

In her off days, Harnaaz Sandhu likes to do outdoor cycling. Harnaaz Sandhu prefers skipping in her daily workout routine. This is a matter of workout, now let us tell about Harnaaz Sandhu’s diet plan.

Harnaaz Sandhu believes that just exercising is not enough for your fitness. To take care of our inner body, we should also take a good diet. So that you look fit and gorgeous. Harnaaz stays hydrated throughout the day. She drinks 3-4 liters of water a day.

Harnaaz avoids sugary, refined and gluten foods. Ignores junk and oily food. Harnaaz Sandhu believes in healthy eating. This is her biggest secret mantra. She is fond of homemade Punjabi food. Her daily diet includes 2 bowls of vegetable and fruit salad.

So this was Harnaaz Sandhu’s diet and fitness secret. If you also want to look beautiful and gorgeous like Harnaaz, then just start following this fitness mantra from today itself.




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