Health Insurance: Why renewal is important in health insurance plan, what can be the loss if not done

Health Insurance: Why renewal is important in health insurance plan, what can be the loss if not done
Health Insurance: Why renewal is important in health insurance plan, what can be the loss if not done

Health Insurance: We do not know what can happen to us in the future, so the insurance plan becomes important here. The insurance plan ensures that you or your family will be financially secure in the event of a crisis. There are many types of insurance such as life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and health insurance. Now you have to see what your need of these is. However, experts believe that health insurance should be taken by everyone in the family as it is directly related to the health of the person.

Diseases are increasing due to changing lifestyles as well as hospital expenses. It is not possible for a working or small business person to incur heavy hospital expenses in the event of a serious illness, so if you or your family have a right health insurance plan, then medical expenses due to illness are avoided. Can. Apart from this, health insurance plan also gives you many other benefits. It provides benefits such as cashless treatment, hospitalization cover, day care treatment cover, pre-post hospitalization expenses, tax benefit etc. If you want to buy health insurance policy online, then Reliance General Insurance is the right place for this. Here you will get all types of health insurance cover. You can get health insurance cover as per your convenience.

By the way, to keep yourself from the burden of heavy medical expenses, as important as a health insurance plan, its renewal is also important. So if you are thinking that your work is over after taking a health insurance plan, then you are thinking wrong. You will have to renew it from time to time, otherwise you will be deprived of claims and other benefits.

Why renewal is important in a health insurance plan

When we take a health insurance policy , we first think of a claim. Meaning that during the illness when we need money, will the insurance company not put any hurdle. For this, the first thing is that in the beginning you should give the correct information about your health condition to the insurance provider. Second, you have to pay attention to the renewal policy date as well. Renewing here means that your policy is active. This is a kind of premium that must be paid on time.

You will have to renew before your policy ends so that there are no problems with its claims or benefits. If you do not renew your policy before the due date or in the grace period, your policy will terminate. Then you will have to renew your policy anew. In this you will be deprived of low premium and waiting period benefits. During this time, if there is a change in your health, then the additional pressure will also increase. Renewing the policy helps you to protect yourself in the event of a medical emergency. Therefore, experts recommend that you never ignore renewal.

simple life insurance
simple life insurance

Where to get your policy renewed

Like health insurance policy, you can make a renewal policy online. If you are a policy holder of Reliance General Insurance, then you must take advantage of its online facility for health insurance policy and renew the policy. Here you can renew your policy in less time and easily. If you want to add another plan with the base policy, then you can get that done as well. One more thing while renewing, you will also have to update about the changes in your medical condition.

Apart from this, on the website of Reliance General Insurance , you will also find many health insurance plans with better facilities, including treatment of Covid-19. One such plan is Reliance Health Infinity Policy. This policy, which comes with a discount of up to 30%, provides additional cover and extra time. Meaning if you take a cover of 10 lakhs of Health Infinity Policy, then with this cover you will get an additional cover of 3 lakhs, which will increase your total health cover to 13 lakhs.

In addition, if you choose the policy premium for 12 months, you will get an additional benefit of one month, which will make your cover 13 months. By the way, this policy is also very beneficial for those who travel abroad. If you face any health related problem anywhere in the world, then through this policy you will get the facility of emergency hospitalization. Most importantly, the Health Infinity Policy also covers the treatment of Covid-19. Its claim settlement ratio is 100% per cent. Meaning everyone who takes this policy has succeeded in getting the claim.

You should read the terms and conditions carefully before taking a health insurance policy. Apart from this, after taking the policy you also have to pay attention to what is the expiry date of the policy renewal and its concession period, because if you forget this, your policy can be terminated and you can be denied the claim and renewed. You have to start. So if you want to protect your financial situation in future, then never forget to renew your health insurance policy.

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