Health Tips know the non diary product which rich calcium

Often we hear from the elders of our house that drinking milk gives calcium. But did you know that some people are lactose intolerant. Such people can consume these things to meet the lack of calcium in the diet.

Calcium is an important nutrient for our body. Since childhood, we are asked to drink milk because it contains the highest amount of calcium. It helps to keep our bones and teeth strong. Also helps in increasing muscle mass.Also Read:Now you can book your Covid vaccination slot on WhatsApp Know All The Details and Step Here

If you do not like to drink lactose intolerant or milk then there is nothing to worry. We are telling you about some seeds and vegetables which are rich in calcium. Apart from this, there are minerals in these things. Let us know about these non diary products without delay.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds can keep your bones, teeth and nails healthy. Chia seeds contain fiber and protein which helps in keeping your stomach full for a long time. The protein present in it helps in increasing muscle mass. 45 grams of chia seeds daily helps in providing calcium equivalent to a glass of milk. You can consume it by adding it to smoothies and puddings.Also Read: Gold Silver Price today on 24 August 2021 Gold prices today drop after big jump

Rosewood seeds

Both small black and white sesame seeds are rich in calcium. It contains manganese, zinc and copper. 300 grams of calcium is found in 30 grams of sesame seeds. You can use it in salads and smoothies. Consuming it regularly reduces blood pressure and controls cholesterol. Apart from this, the risk of osteoarthritis can be reduced.

Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are the main source of manganese and calcium. Its 20 grams of seeds contain 300 grams of calcium. These seeds contain protein and copper. You can eat poppy seed porridge or pudding. It contains amino acids, fats and carbs. It also helps in keeping the bones healthy.Also Read: Hyderabad: girl student was found hanging at the hostel in HCU

Millet or ragi

100 grams of ragi or millet contains 300 milligrams of calcium. This variety of millet is rich in potassium which helps in increasing blood pressure. Ragi is rich in iron which helps in maintaining hemoglobin in the body. It was told in the study that millet is beneficial for diabetic patients because it does not allow the sugar level to rise.

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