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Here are Hero Electric’s Best Made-in-India Electric Scooters, Know Price and Features

These days the craze of Electric Scooters is increasing among the people. One, it is eco-friendly, secondly, its operational cost is also low. Electric scooters from various companies are available in the market, which come in different price ranges.

Hero Electric is a well-known name in the field of electric scooters and is well-liked in the Indian market. The company’s many electric scooter models are present in different price ranges. If you are thinking of buying a scooter from Hero Electric, then let us know about some scooters of the company coming in the range of Rs 70,000…

Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric Photon is one of the cheapest electric scooters in India. Its on-road price is around Rs 74 thousand. This is the flagship vehicle of Hero Electric. The electric scooter has a 2.7 non-removable kWh battery. Battery charge time is 4 hours. You get a range of 110km on Eco mode, which can be said to be quite good.

Hero Electric Photon is a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a power rating of 1000W and a peak power of 1500W. The scooter weighs just 87kgs. Apart from this, Hero Electric is offering a 3-year warranty on the battery. Talking about other features, it also includes bag hook, round charging point, glove box, USB port, aerodynamic style, wide seat and remote lock with anti-theft alarm.

Hero Optima LI (STD)

Hero Optima LI (STD) comes with a price tag of Rs 57,281 (on-road Delhi price). This electric scooter is equipped with 48V/28AH lithium-ion battery, which is supported by fast charge support. It takes 4 hours to fully charge. It is equipped with a 250W BLDC hub motor and has a top speed of 25km/h.

The company claims that the Optima LI has a driving range of 65 kms when fully charged and gives the scooter No license and registration is required to drive. It comes with self start mechanism and weighs around 68 kg. Talking about other features, it has telescopic suspension, large and comfortable seat. , digital speedometer, aerodynamic body design, 7 degree gradability and 16X3 inch wheel size.It comes in three color options Cyan, Matt Red and Matt Grey.

Hero Optima ER

The Hero Optima ER is an upgraded version of the Optima E5 with an on-road price of around Rs 71,990. The company has equipped Hero Optima ER with an additional pair of batteries. These batteries have doubled the range from 55 km on the Optima E5 to 110 km on the Optima ER.

It should take around 4-5 hours for the battery to be fully charged. Its top speed is 40 km/h. The hub-mounted motor has a rated power output of 600W with a peak power of 1200W. This scooter is more of a practical option, as it does not come with those attractive features like Bluetooth connectivity.



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