High Security Number plate: Online HSRP(High Security Number Plates) Registration and New Guidance.

High Security Number plate: Online HSRP(High Security Number Plates) Registration and New Guidance.
High Security Number plate: Online HSRP(High Security Number Plates) Registration and New Guidance.

Just on September 30, he got information from somewhere in a hurry that from October onwards in Delhi-NCR, if high security number plates are not installed on the vehicles, then the challan will be deducted. Which is also correct. Kuldeep called up one of his acquaintances. Asked how, from where will this high security number plate be installed. The acquaintance gave a link which he himself had never used. If the bus was found from somewhere, then it was forwarded. This link was – https://hsrpseva.online/

Fraud in the name of HSRP?

This is from 1 October. It is October 12 and till now no communication has come to Kuldeep. Whether the plate is booked or not, if it has happened, then where will it have to be installed. If they are going to the site named E-Bharat Seva, then this link is not opening. Even after going to hsrpseva.online, there is no option to get refund or file a complaint. Now Kuldeep has full suspicion that he has become a victim of fraud. Haven’t complained to the police yet because they were waiting that maybe their number plate would arrive in a week or ten days or there could be some communication. But so far nothing like this has happened.

It is important to know everything about high security number plates so that you do not have a mistake like Kuldeep. Also which is the right place to book the number plate. let’s begin.

What is HSRP?

There are also guidelines regarding the number plates of vehicles in the Motor Vehicle Act. It is forbidden to write a designer number, get any kind of number plate made from your mind. Numbers have a standard size and font set. In order to implement it strictly, the Transport Department is emphasizing on High Security Registration Plate i.e. HSRP.

High security number plates are made of aluminum. It has a chromium based hologram. On this number plate, an Ashoka Chakra is made of blue color on the left corner. The plate also carries a 10-digit PIN (Personal Identity Number). This pin is printed on the lower left corner of the plate. This number plate is fitted with only two non-reusable locks. This number plate cannot be tampered with, it is claimed.

As per the instructions of the government, vehicle owners will have to get HSRP installed at the earliest. In Delhi-NCR, it has been made mandatory. If not, there is also a system of invoicing. Gradually it will be implemented in every state.

How will HSRP look?

  • The vehicles which are coming after April 1, 2019, are having high security number plates only. Only the showroom will take the money for the number plate from you and in a few days they will tell you after getting the plate from the local transport office. You go to the showroom and get the HSRP installed.
  • But if you have a car before this and want to get HSRP installed, then you can book by visiting https://www.siam.in/hrspsubmit.aspx?mpgid=91&pgidtrail=91 Use this website for high security number plates, no one else. When you go to this website, the option of Book HSRP will appear on the top right corner.
  • On clicking on Book HSRP, such a page will open, which is shown below in the screenshot. In this, you have to enter the vehicle number, your phone number, e-mail id etc.
  • After this, on the next page you have to select whether your vehicle is two wheeler or four wheeler. And which company does the car belong to?
  • Then you will reach the page of MAKE MY HSRP. Here information like address, city, pin code will have to be filled.
  • When you proceed from here, the engine number, chassis number of the vehicle will have to be given, which is written on the registration paper of the vehicle. You can then choose a dealer in your city and a date. On this fixed date, you will have to get HSRP installed at the dealer’s place. After doing all the process, you will have to deposit a fee according to the vehicle and you will get the confirmation.



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