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Higher Earning! Double profit from this business, income will double rapidly

In today’s time people have become very aware about their health. Farmers are also focusing more on the use of herbal manure instead of chemical fertilizer for farming. In such a situation, if you want to do some business then nothing can be a better idea than this.

new Delhi. Today we tell you about one such herbal fertilizer, the yield of which is double with the use of it, the income is also doubled. With the help of this herbal fertilizer, good fodder for animals can be grown. Many problems of animals are overcome by eating with which milk production can also be increased. There are many benefits of this herbal fertilizer, knowing that you will be surprised. The name of this herbal fertilizer is ajola. The use of ajolla in farming provides many benefits. The amount of nitrogen in the crop increases. Organic material is produced more in less time in fields. Azolla increases the amount of zinc, manganese, iron, phosphorus, potash in crops.

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First of all, what is Ajola

Actually, ajola is an aquatic plant used as a fertilizer in paddy cultivation. This plant will often be seen floating in ponds which is a kind of fern. It is also found in paddy fields. If ajola is used in paddy cultivation, the yield can increase. It can be used as organic manure in paddy fields. Fertilizers are added to fields only to increase nitrogen content. Increasing nitrogen content gives good yields.

The specialty of Azola is that it doubles in 5 days in a favorable environment. If it is allowed to grow throughout the year, more than 300 tons of concentrated material can be produced per hectare, that is, 40 kilograms of nitrogen can be obtained per hectare. Ajola contains 3.5 percent nitrogen and many types of organic matter which increase the fertility of the soil.

Azola is used in these places

Ajola can be used as fodder for animals, poultry, and fisheries. To use azolla as a fertilizer in farming, first it has to be produced on a large scale.

Can produce like this

To grow ajola, farmers can also grow it by making a small size pond or bed. If production is to be done on a large scale, it can be produced in water by making a cement tank or a polyethylene covered pit. It can be grown even in clay or cement pot.

Produces at this temperature

, ajola culture can be made in a water puddle or an iron tray. From the second day after pouring the culture, the thick layer of ajola starts to freeze in a tray or puddle, which acts as a stabilization of nitrogen. It can be used easily in paddy fields. The temperature of 30 to 35 degree Celsius is very favorable for its growth.

Farmers will be double benefit

: The use of ajola gives farmers double profits. Ajola (green fodder) will now fill expensive mustard and peanut cake in the diet of milch animals. With this green fodder, 15 to 20 percent milk can be increased in animals. Because 25 to 35 percent of the amount of protein is found in it.

animal feed

Put 40 kg of cleanly sieved crushed soil in the cement tank. Prepare the slurry by taking four to five kg of two-day-old cow dung in 20 liters of water. Put it on Ajola’s bed. Fill one to one and a half kilogram ‘Mother Ezola’ culture by filling seven to ten cm of water in the tank. Ajola grows slowly. After 12 days, remove one kilogram of ajola daily with a plastic sieve. Clean it and feed the animals.

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