How To Chat On WhatsApp During Offline?

How To Chat On WhatsApp During Offline?

Most of us are now engaged on social media, but we are unaware of some of our mobile phones’ functions, let’s take an instance of WhatsApp here. We use it, but much of the functionality associated with it may not even be familiar to us. Don’t worry, though, we will remind you about the hidden WhatsApp features for your convenience. We’ll teach you how to do offline chatting on WhatsApp in this article today. During the Corona time, individuals are at home due to which social networking activity has intensified. But in several cases, they get admonished from their family and friends until late night for being active with mobile. By seeing the last seen on WhatsApp, relatives will even mock the late night. But do you know that by following a strategy, you can prevent this? You can provide much time to those who are really nearby and are in a connection with you with this hidden concept since this strategy can allow you to communicate offline. To use the strategies, just use one application. Its term is the WA bubble for chat. There are currently 1K + downloads on the play store for the application and it has a rating of 3.9. This is the latest Android application that you can conveniently chat on WhatsApp with your contacts after installing the app. This is also a benefit because you can use WhatsApp for 24 hours even after remaining offline and even no one can also see your last seen status.


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