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How to check corona vaccine certificate authenticity if it is real or fake

After the corona virus vaccine is administered, a certificate is given to you on the Covin portal, in which you have proof of having been vaccinated. Many information is recorded in this certificate like patient’s name, age, ID etc. In addition, a QR code is also printed in it. This QR code is printed on the certificate, through which you can verify that you have been vaccinated. Therefore, no one can tamper with this QR code and create a fake certificate.

Corona Vaccine: Covid Vaccine Certificate real or fake? Recognize that 

Interestingly, one more feature has been added by the government to check the veracity of this certificate. This feature can be very helpful for those people who are businessmen, in office or ordinary person. For example, if a showroom has to give entry to only those people who have got the corona vaccine, then the showroom can easily identify those people who have got the corona vaccine using the government’s website. The good thing is that it can be easily verified through any smart phone. Therefore, preparing fake certificates will not be easy for anyone.

How to Verify the Covid Vaccine Certificate

  1. For this you will need a smart phone or laptop with a web camera, as well as an internet connection.
  2. 1st Step – Go to Cowin’s website –
  3. 2nd Step – Click on Scan
  4. QR Code 3rd Step – Bring the QR code in front of the camera which is printed on the certificate
  5. 4th Step – Successful On verification, it will come in front by writing “Certificate Successfully Verified”
  6. Fifth Step- If the certificate is fake then it will come by writing “Certificate Invalid”



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