How to download EPF Passbook online Process in 5 simple steps.


The EPF Passbook, on the one hand, gives information about your PF account balance, on the other hand, it helps to check the personal detail recorded in your PF account. The full details of the amount of money deposited or withdrawn in your PF account are recorded in it. In this article we will learn how to download the online EPF passbook.

How to download EPF Passbook online
You can also view and download your passbook by completing 5 steps, from the simple as mentioned below on the UAN portal.

Step-1: Open the UAN portal on your computer or smartphone. The link is — Login by entering the username (UAN number) and password in the login box below UAN MEMBER e BAUM-IUM.

Step-2: A dropdown list will open when you move the cursor over the View tab in the main menu. Click on the Passbook button at the bottom of it.

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Step-3: Here you need to enter your username (UAN number) and password once again and ask for a short mathematical addition or subtraction answer below. Such as 74-5=▭. Click the Login button below by filling in the correct answer in the empty box.

Step-4: On the next page you need to select the EPF account from which you want to view or download the corresponding passbook. If you move the cursor over the Please select atleast one member Id inside the box, the list of all EPF accounts associated with your UAN number will open. Select the account from them.

Step 5: There are three buttons in front of the EPF account number, out of which
View Passbook: You can view your PF passbook by clicking on .
Download Passbook: Can download your PF passbook by clicking on
You can see the status of all your old claims by clicking on View Claim Status

Download process: You can download the passbook of your EPF account by clicking on the second option. Save it on your computer, take prints and use it as a document.

What type of details in epf passbook
The passbook you see on the computer screen shows the following types of details —

TOTAL EE BALANCE: This is followed by a total of contributions made by the employee to his EPF Account.
TOTAL ER BALANCE: In the EPF Account, the total total total of contributions made so far by the employer or company remains recorded.
TOTAL BALANCE: In the EPF account, the total contributions of both the employee and the employer so far are recorded here.
Below is a table in which the following information is recorded in order —

Transfer date: In the first column, it is recorded that your account enters the date of deposit or withdrawal.
Finance year: In the second column, the fiscal year corresponding to that date remains recorded.
Particulars: In the third column, it is recorded in what regard the transaction was done in the EPF account.
Deposits: When the amount of money deposited in your account is recorded at the bottom of this column. This column is again divided into two parts, the first part is recorded as the employee’s share and the employer’s share is recorded in the second part. To know in detail: PF deduction rules
Withdrawals: If any money has ever been withdrawn from your PF account, it is entered below this column. This column is also divided into two parts. In the previous one, the amount withdrawn from the employee’s contribution is recorded, the other one is recorded withdrawn from the employer’s contribution. To know in detail: How to withdraw PF money
Pension Contributions: Whatever contributions are made to your pension account on behalf of the employer or company are recorded at the bottom of this column. It may be mentioned that the EPF account also has to be deposited with the employer at par with the employee’s contribution (equal to 12 per cent of the salary). Out of the employer’s share, 8.33 per cent is deducted and credited to the pension account and the remaining 3.67% is credited as EPF. Watch to know in detail: EPF Pension Rules
Additional details in PDF Passbook
If you download passbook, it is downloaded as a PDF file. In the downloaded PF passbook, you also receive the following additional information —

Establishment ID/ Name: ID and name of the company you work in
Member ID/ Name: Epf account number and name of employee
Office Name: The name of the office of EPFO under which your account falls
UAN : Your UAN Number

Keep in mind about passbooks —
The online EPF Passbook viewing and downloading facility is only for those who have been registered on unified Member Portal with the help of their UAN number. To register yourself on this portal, first you need to activate your UAN. How to learn: How to activate UAN number?

Uan Portal can have the facility to view and download EPF Passbook only 6 hours after the registration is completed. If you have made any changes to your credentials (credentials confirming) then that will also apply to unified Member Portal after 6 hours.
In EPF Passbook, only those entries that have been approved by epfo field office will be recorded. The procedures which are yet to be processed will not be mentioned.


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