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How To Download UAN Card?

Friends, UAN NUMBER (UAN number) has become an integral part of PF today and it may be needed everywhere you can.

In such cases, we either keep them in writing or we have to remember in which we have the suspicion of forgetting. Due to this, if we are able to keep our purse like a card or in a pocket, then when we need it, we can use it by looking at it, so today in this block, we know that we have our UAN card ( UAN CARD )

PAN Card: Photo can be converted in PAN card in this way, follow this process …


  • For this, you have to go to the UAN portal (UAN PORTAL) where you will have to login with your UAN and password.
  • After login, click on the UAN CARD option on the View tab on the homepage.
  • Your UAN CARD will be displayed here, which will look something like this-
  • Click the Download button to download the UAN CARD.
  • After clicking download, it will be downloaded in PDF format.
  • After that you have to open it in WPS Office or PDF READER.
  • Because it is in a PDF format that you can only view through a PDF reader.
  • You can print it and take it with you anywhere.

Here you will be shown your name, UAN number, your KYC, father’s name and PF number associated with your UAN and also a QR code (QR CODE), which will help you scan this CODE. You can also check your UAN CARD information.

Features Of UAN Card:

1. All information related to your UAN is shown in UAN CARD.

2. You can take UAN CARD with you anywhere at any time and it is convenient.

3. You do not need to remember information related to your UAN when you have a UAN card.

4. UAN CARD contains all the information related to your UAN such as name UN number PF number, father’s name and KYC.

5. QR code (QR CODE) is also given in the UAN, with the help of which you can scan the details of your UN from anywhere.




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