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How to know if the gas cylinder is going to be empty

Follow this easy trick to find out how much gas is left in the gas cylinder of the kitchen and when it is going to be empty.

Today Neha’s boss scolded her for reaching office late. No…no…she got up on time in the morning. But while making tea in the kitchen, the gas was exhausted. This was not the first time this happened with Neha. Often Neha gets to know only when the gas runs out. Obviously, it had to be late.

Like Neha, you too must have faced this problem at some point or the other. Usually many women have to face this problem every month. Actually knowing how much gas is left in the cylinder is not an easy task. Some people guess it by measuring the weight of the cylinder, but what is the level of gas in the cylinder? Even then it is known.

In such a situation, sometimes it takes more time to change the cylinder suddenly and sometimes the food remains half-cooked. When the gas suddenly runs out, after booking the cylinder, it also takes time for the second cylinder to arrive. Sometimes the cylinder arrives on the same day and sometimes it takes 2-3 days. This situation becomes really difficult for every woman.

In such a situation, every woman looks for an easy trick to know the level of gas left in the cylinder. If you are also one of them, then today we are going to tell you a very easy way, by which you can find out the level of gas left in your cylinder.

step 1:Dip a cloth in water and get it wet.

Step-2: Now with this wet cloth, draw a thick line in your cylinder ( Learn why there are holes at the bottom of the gas cylinder? ).

Step-3:Wait 10 minutes. The part of your cylinder that is empty, the water will dry up and the water where there is gas will take time to dry.

This way you will know how much gas is left in the cylinder. Actually, the empty part of the cylinder is hot and the filled part is cold. Therefore only the hot part of the water dries up.

don’t make these mistakes

  • Many women try to get an idea of ​​how much gas is left in the cylinder by looking at the color of the fire by lighting the gas burner. This method is not correct. However, when there is less gas in the cylinder, the color of the fire does change, but due to this the level of gas in the cylinder ( thus it will cost less cooking gas ) cannot be ascertained.
  • Some women try to find out how much gas is left in the cylinder by shaking or lifting it. But this method also fails to measure the level of gas in the cylinder. Because the cylinder itself has so much weight that even when the gas is less, it is not very light.
  • Many people put the cylinder upside down when the flame of the gas in the burner is low and then use the remaining gas in the cylinder. Doing so may make your gas flame brighter for a few minutes, but it damages your cylinder and increases the risk of damage, which can prove fatal for you.
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