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How to open Pahala Kadam Pahalee Udaan Savings Account Online, Know Here

State Bank of India (SBI) has made available online facility for minors to open savings account named Pehla Kadam and Pehli Udaan.

New Delhi: State Bank of India has brought a special facility for your children. In this, customers are being given the facility to open an account online and the special thing is that this facility has been started keeping in mind only minor children. This facility has been named Pehla Kadam-Pehli Udaan (Pehla Kadam, Pehli Udaan). In this, the bank will give the facility to the children to open the account. Along with this, ATM facility will also be available if the account is opened in the name of children.

According to SBI, these two savings bank accounts are for minors. This account can also be used through mobile banking and internet banking. This account will improve the habit of saving money in children.

1. Pehla Kadam Saving Account

  • Under this account, parents or guardians can open a joint account with minor children of any age.
  • It can be operated singly by the parents or the guardian or the child himself.
  • This card will be issued in the name of minor and guardian.

Advantages of First Step Savings Account

Mobile banking facility is available on this account, in which all types of bills can also be paid. There is a limit of doing daily transactions up to Rs 2,000 in this. ATM-debit card facility is also available on opening a bank account in the name of the child. This card will be issued in the name of minor and guardian. You can withdraw up to Rs 5,000 in this. There is a limit of Rs 5,000 per day to transact in internet banking facility. With this you can collect all types of bills. Personal accident insurance cover is also available for parents.

2. Pehli Udaan Saving Account

  • Children above the age of 10 years who can sign this account, they can open an account under the first flight.
  • This account will be completely in the name of the minor.
  • He can operate it alone.

Facilities available

In this also ATM-Debit card facility is available and you can withdraw money up to Rs 5000 daily. Along with this mobile banking facility is also available. In which you can transfer up to Rs 2000 per day. With this, you can also make all kinds of payments. You can transfer up to Rs 5,000 per day in internet banking facility. In this, the same facility of check book is available which is available in the first step. No overdraft facility is available to a minor on the first flight.

How you can open the account-

  • First you go to the official website of SBI, Then click on Personal Banking.
  • Now click on the Accounts tab and select the option of Savings Account of Miners.
  • Then click on Apply Now. Then you will see a pop-up feature of Digital and Insta Saving Account.
  • Now you have to click in the tab of Open a Digital Account.
  • After that go to the next page by clicking Apply now.
  • Enter your complete details to open the account.
  • Note here that it is necessary to visit the SBI branch once to complete this process.
  • Apart from this, you can also open an account by visiting SBI branch offline.



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