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How to Registration for the corona vaccine ?

The first phase of vaccination was started on 16 January in the country. After about a month and a half, now the second phase of this great campaign has come. The specialty of this phase is that this time the common people will be able to get vaccinated, while the first phase was dedicated only to the health care people and frontline workers who faced the most danger of corona. In the first phase, vaccines were being administered only at government centers, but this time private hospitals have also been included in it.

From today the corona vaccine has become available to the common people but there are still some conditions. like…

  • The elderly over 60 years will be vaccinated.
  • Those with more than 45 years of serious illness will also be able to get vaccinated.
  • The age will be calculated according to January 1, 2022.
  • The list of critical illness has also been released by the government.
  • Accredited doctor’s certificate will be required for those with critical illness.
  • The Central Government has also released the format of this certificate.

Preparations for the vaccine war against Corona have been completed. The next phase of the campaign against the epidemic will be started by bringing the corona vaccine to the common man. If you or someone from your family is going for vaccination, then tie some important things. Before going to the vaccination center, collect the documents that will be sought from you there. They are important documents …

  • Either one of the Aadhar card or Voter ID card will have to be given.
  • If there is no Aadhar card or Voter ID card for online registration, then photo ID card will have to be given.
  • This process is for registration of vaccination and after registration the official ID card will also have to be shown at the vaccination center.
  • People of 45 to 59 years will also have to give a certificate of disease for vaccination.
    The Union Health Ministry has released a list of 20 diseases.
  • These diseases include diabetes (sugar), hypertension, leukemia bone marrow, kidney, liver, and heart.

The process of vaccination registration on the CoWIN portal
has been simplified and the process of registration for vaccination has also been made easier. For registration, the help of Kovin App, Arogya Setu App can be taken. Apart from this, on-site registration means that you can register yourself by going to the vaccine center. This facility is for those who do not have the facility of smartphone or internet.

According to the Union Ministry of Health, appointments can also be made for Corona virus vaccination through the CoWIN portal ( Also, the ministry said that there is no CoWIN app for the general public, but the app on the Play Store is only for administrators.

In this phase, along with allowing private hospitals to apply the vaccine, the government has also issued some guidelines, which must be strictly followed. States have been told not to relax the rules of rescue in any way so that the risk of infection can be prevented from increasing.

Price fixed in private hospitals The central government has also fixed the price of vaccines in private hospitals. According to this, 250 rupees will be charged for a dose of vaccine in private hospitals, of which 150 rupees will be given as vaccine and 100 rupees as service charge. While the corona vaccine will be given free of cost in government hospitals.

This new campaign of vaccination will benefit 27 crore people. More than 12 thousand government and primary health centers have been tasked to accelerate vaccination. But some big private hospitals like Max, Apollo and Fortis will not participate in this campaign



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