How to save electricity bill – here are the tips


New Delhi. Summer has begun. In such a situation, it is certain that electricity consumption will increase, due to which your electricity bill will also increase. Sometimes it starts coming too much. In such a situation, it is necessary to do some urgent work as soon as the summer starts, so that the electricity bill does not come as much as it has started. These are some common measures, which can be used to reduce electricity bills considerably. If you take these measures, you can reduce the electricity bill by about 25 percent, which can save you to a great extent. Let us know what are these methods.

Lighting costs will be halved

If the old type of bulbs and tube lights are installed in the house, then you can think of replacing them. You can use CFLs or LEDs instead. If you get a 5 watt LED, then you will get 20 watt CFL light. Similarly, 18 watt CFL light is equal to 40 watt tubelight. You can also save a lot of electricity in the house by this use. LED is an idea that will save your electricity throughout the year.

Learn how to reduce AC bill

Now most of the houses have air conditioners (AC) installed. Initially, people only run AC at night, but gradually it starts running throughout the day. Due to which the electricity bill increases due to AC. In such a situation, if some precaution is taken regarding AC, the electricity bill can be reduced considerably.

These are measures

Get the air conditioner serviced as soon as summer starts. Along with this, get its filter cleaned properly and get it replaced if needed.

If your AC is too old then it can be replaced. Nowadays new power savers are coming. If you have one and a half tons of AC installed at your home, and get a new AC installed, your AC power consumption will be reduced by almost half.

Inverters are very helpful in saving AC based electricity bills.

If you have a new AC, then take ACE with BEEE 5 star rating.

Must use an off timer to use AC. This can save a lot of electricity.

Fan can also save electricity

In summer, the fan operates around the clock. Therefore, in the summer, the fan consumes the most electricity in the house after AC. In such a situation, if electricity is paid to the fan, then a lot of electricity can be saved. It is best to get your fan serviced before the summer starts. Due to the greasing of the fan, it gives good air and power consumption is also reduced. Also, if the fans have become old, they can also be replaced with new technology. By doing this, the electricity bill can be reduced significantly. If you are looking for a new fan, then you should take a BEE rated fan. These fans spend very little electricity.

Refrigerator can also save electricity

A fridge is something that is turned on round the clock. If the load is high on it in summer, then it increases the power consumption. In such a situation, if the refrigerator is kept properly, it can save a lot of electricity. The fridge placement in the house should be correct. The fridge should be kept at some distance from the wall. Where the fridge is kept, if fresh air is easy to move there, then the fridge will also work well and the electricity will also cost less. At the same time, if the fridge is out of date, then you can replace it with BEE rated fridge. This will reduce the electricity bill significantly.

Coolers can also save electricity

The cooler itself consumes electricity, and the Tullu in it also consumes electricity. In such a situation, both of them should be monitored in terms of electricity. People usually take local coolers. Put a fan of this place somewhere and a ki tullu in it. Due to this, they consume more electricity. If your cooler is like this, then you can think of changing it. BEE rated coolers can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

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