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Husband was absconding after marrying second, wife caught after 6 years, then high voltage drama started

UP News: In Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, a man left his daughter and wife and got married. After 6 years there was no news of the absconding husband, but in the meantime, on Friday, he found the victim and then the fight started.

A video outside the civil court of Azamgarh district is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, a man can be clearly seen beating women. Meanwhile, the police home guards are also seen intervening in this fight. But angry men and women are getting out of control and being attacked again and again.

According to the information, the woman seen wearing yellow clothes in the video was married 6 years ago today. The husband left her after a few days of marriage. He could not be traced even after extensive search. Meanwhile, the woman also gave birth to a baby girl, which is almost 5 years old.

After this, the married woman came to know that the husband, who had run away from home, had also got married again. On the other hand, on Friday, from some sources, the family of the woman came to know that the same person had come to the civil court. The married woman reached the civil court with her child and maternal relatives, where another person present with her husband attacked the woman. The video of this incident was captured by the people present in their mobile cameras.

In the video, it is also heard saying that what will happen to the woman and her child due to her husband’s second marriage? Due to which high voltage drama went on and the video of this fight is going viral on social media. At present, no statement of the police has come out in this matter.



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