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I met Guru Randhawa as a fan, he offered me a role in a video and I became an actress: Aditi Sharma

Acting didn’t happen for actress Aditi Sharma by chance. “When I was 2, my mother made me do a show titled We Love, since I was a complete nautanki as a kid. But it was for a very short duration. Tabhi se acting ka keeda lag gaya tha mujhe. But as I grew up, the only concern for me was to come in front of the camera and see myself. For that I did a course in journalism and thought of becoming a news anchor so that I can at least be in front of the camera. Meanwhile, I started doing these small small commercials. But my first break came when I appeared in singer Guru Randhawa’s song video.” “One of my friends, who was an RJ, and was interviewing him, and he made me meet Guru Randhawa since I was a big fan of his. I met him and told Guru that I wanted to become an actress. Two days later, I got a call from his team that Guru wants you to feature in his album, and the rest is history,” she says, adding, “I came to Mumbai and then I auditioned for the show Kaleerein, for which I was initially rejected. The people auditioning me thought I was too raw for acting but the producers loved my acting and the overall look and that is how I got my first big break as a lead.”

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Aditi, whose last show, Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka! just wrapped up, says she is waiting for the right offers for TV. However, she also says she will not be doing bold stuff. “I am getting a lot of offers for TV. I will be doing stuff which is between the bubbly-chirpy girl and the bold. I am not into bold content at all. And if I had to do it at all, I will do it for the big filmmakers. I had offers where I had a lip kiss, which I refused as I am not comfortable with that. I am okay watching actors kiss, but not doing it.”




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