Important meeting of cabinet begins – oil and gas can be the biggest decision so far


A cabinet meeting is being held today under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

new Delhi. Cabinet meeting has started. According to information received from sources to CNBC Awaaz, a big decision could be taken regarding the oil and gas sector. There is a readiness to remove government control from this. Control will be removed from prices at different stages.

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Mahanagar Gas reduced the retail prices of CNG and PNG on Tuesday with immediate effect. Mahanagar Gas, a gas distribution company in Mumbai and its adjoining areas, has cut CNG by Rs 1.05 per kg and domestic piped natural gas (PNG) by 70 paise per cubic meter. The company said that this price reduction has been done due to the government’s reduction in the prices of domestically produced natural gas. After this revision in prices, the price of CNG including all taxes was Rs 47.90 per kg and the price of PNG was Rs 28.90 per cubic meter for first slab customers and 34.50 per cubic meter for second slab customers.


  1. Common people,rich people, businesses and industries are suffering alike. Good days of the present dispensation is unbearable. God should put an fools stop to this self back patting misrule. Highest taxes and poor services are the order of the day. Never in our life we want good days in our life like this. Bad days under others will be like golden era for the country men. No justification for selling fuel at this exorbitant costs.


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