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Important Notice About Bank Account Linking With UAN.

Important notice about Bank Account Linking with UAN. EPFO has issued a new alert on the Friends Unified Member Portal and has revealed an important information for all PF customers. It is very important for you to know about this new update related to PF Bank KYC, otherwise you may get into trouble, so let’s know what is EPFO ​​Latest Update 2021

Important Notice About Bank Account Linking With UAN. Click Here To Read

On going to the homepage of the Unified Member Portal, a new alert message will be seen in the Alert section, which says – Important notice about Bank Account Linking with UAN. Click here to read.

After clicking on the PDF icon here , a pdf file will open, which states that –

IFSC of Andhra Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Allahabad Bank, Syndicate Bank, United Bank of India and Corporation Bank has become invalid with effect from 1 April 2021, members please get the correct IFSC code from your bank and upload the details of IFSC to the employer. Update the correct IFSC through the medium otherwise no online claim can be filed.

Why Do Banks Have To Update IFSC Code In UAN Account?

At present, many banks of the country are merging and in such a situation the IFSC codes of the banks are changed, due to which the bank details added with the old IFSC code become invalid. These six banks have also merged with other banks such as: – Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India merged with Punjab National Bank, Syndicate Bank merged with Canara Bank, Andhra and Corporation Bank merged union. Bank of India and Allahabad Bank have been merged with Indian Bank. Due to which the IFSC code of these six banks has changed and their customers will now have to get and update the new IFSC code.

UAN BANK KYC Returns PF Claim Money If It Goes Wrong

PF Claim is set and everything is sent to your bank through NEFT, after everything is found to be correct after taking the claim made by you in the process, but the bank details provided by you are not received by the bank. Through PF claim money is sent back to EPFO.

So, if your PF UAN account has an account number link of any of these 6 banks, then you should update your new and correct IFSC code as soon as possible. So that there is no problem when your PF claim money reaches your bank account.




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