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Indian Passport Holders: Big news! This country has issued new rules for Indian passport holders, if not followed then a fine of more than 1 lakh rupees will be imposed

Indian passengers New Rules: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced a change in the rules for Indian passengers traveling by air. Now the rules have been made even stricter. According to the new rules, tourists going to Dubai-Abu Dhabi will have to have 60 thousand rupees in their bank account or they will have to have a credit card and return ticket.

Passengers who do not fulfill both these conditions will be sent back to India from Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports itself. According to reports, recently 10 Indians have been deported from UAE to India due to not having a return ticket.

UAE Immigration says that misuse of tourist visa can be prevented through new rules. Actually, some such cases have come to light where people go to Dubai-Abu Dhabi on tourist visa and start working there. Apart from this, some people do not have money to return from Dubai-Abu Dhabi, due to which they are deported.

Dubai Immigration’s new guidelines

  • Bank balance of more than 60 thousand for a one-month visit
  • Bank balance and credit card of more than 1 lakh for a visit of more than a month
  • Hotel reservation document, financial buffer of about Rs 1.3 lakh for expenses
  • Visa and return ticket
  • Those who do not follow the rules may be fined more than Rs 1 lakh

Tourists should have a document showing bank balance

Apart from visa, passengers going to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for tourism should also have necessary documents related to travel and a document showing bank balance. Apart from this, hotel reservation document should also be there.

If the passenger is going to meet a relative, then he will have to give other details including the address, phone number of the relative.

First time travelers under strict scrutiny

Tourists going to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the first time from Tamil Nadu and Kerala will be strictly checked. In fact, according to media reports, some passengers from Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala were recently deported from UAE. They did not have necessary documents related to travel.

Guidelines related to the new rules have been given to the airlines. It will now be necessary for the airlines to verify that the youth (aged 20-35), especially young women, traveling alone follow the new rules.

Apart from this, if passengers land in the UAE without proper documents, then the airline companies will be responsible. The company will be fined.

Delays at Indian airports due to new rules

To comply with the new rules of UAE immigration, checking has been intensified at Indian airports. Due to this, passengers are facing delay in boarding the flight. Most of the problems are coming at the airports of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Keeping in mind the convenience of the people, the check-in time has been increased, so that the flight is not delayed due to the investigation.

Passengers facing problems

According to media reports, hundreds of passengers who reached the airport with only visa and air ticket could not fly in the past days. The passengers also gave visa details, phone numbers and addresses of relatives and friends living in UAE to the immigration officer but they were not allowed to travel. The passengers whose journey got cancelled were not given any refund, nor were they allowed to reschedule the trips.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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