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Indian Passport Holders: Good News! One Countries Allow Visa-Free Entry for Indian Passport Holders, just have to fulfill this condition

Philippines has decided to relax visa requirements to promote tourism. Under this, Philippines is going to implement a scheme to promote visa free entry. Under this scheme of Philippines, Indian passport holders will also be able to avail the benefit of visa free entry.

Manila: Travelling to the Philippines is set to become easier for Indian passport holders as the Southeast Asian country is set to relax its visa norms for Indian tourists. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has launched the e-visa process, which will make it easier for Indian tourists to travel here. Under this initiative launched to promote tourism and cultural exchange, Indian citizens can enjoy visa-free entry to the Philippines with specific conditions. Under this policy, Indian tourists will get visa-free entry to the Philippines for a stay of 14 days. There are some conditions for visa-free entry, which we are going to tell you.

These are the requirements for visa-free entry

Indian tourists seeking visa-free entry to the Philippines must have a valid or unexpired visa or permanent residence permit for the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore or the UK. Also, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended stay in the Philippines. Tourists will have to show tickets for their return or next destination. Additionally, visitors must not have any bad records with the Philippines Bureau of Immigration, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, or Interpol.

Can extend stay for 7 days

Under visa free entry, Indian tourists get entry for 14 days, but it can be extended by 7 days. This is the maximum stay in the Philippines. It is important to know here that visa free entry is only for tourism purposes and it cannot be converted to other visa categories. If you are planning to travel for business, then obtain the appropriate visa for that.

Apart from visa-free entry, President Marcos Jr. has also ordered the speeding up of the e-visa process for Indian visitors. This is aimed at reducing the time taken to obtain visas, thereby facilitating quicker travel plans for Indian citizens wishing to visit the Philippines.

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