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Indian Railway News: If life is damaged by railways, life imprisonment can be done, these 3 mistakes will be huge

The railways are often targeted in the name of agitation. Sometimes the movement of trains is stopped, sometimes railway property is damaged. This not only causes economic damage to the railways, but also increases the hassle of passengers. In the name of opposition to agricultural laws, the railway operations in Punjab were completely stalled for about two months. 

Now once again on February 18, the rail stop has been announced, which has increased the concern of the railway authorities. Those throwing any wooden items or stones and other things on the train, damaging the tracks can be punished with life imprisonment under Section 150. Despite this, strictness is not possible. Due to this, the process of harassing the railway passengers and damaging railway properties is also not stopping.

Explain that there is a provision for legal action under the Railway Act in the name of the rail roko movement or against those who obstruct any kind of rail operations. Section 174 provides for imprisonment of two years or fine of two thousand rupees, or both, for those who disrupt train operations by sitting on railway tracks or imposing barriers, tampering with rail hosepipe or damaging the signal. For obstructing the work of railway employees, illegally entering the railway or any part thereof, sections 146 and 147 can be punishable by six months or a fine of one thousand rupees or both.

Ashutosh Gangal (General Manager, Northern Railway) says that the protestors are still sitting on a dharna near Jandiala Guru station in Amritsar. Due to which trains going to Amritsar are being run through Tarn Taran. Many trains are also being canceled.

Railway property was targeted in Jat reservation movement

Railway property was targeted at several places in the Jat reservation movement in Haryana. Rail operations had to be closed for several days on other routes including Delhi-Rohtak. Nearly three hundred cases were registered for the violence during the agitation, arson, sabotage, blocking roads and obstructing railway operations and damaging railway property, 137 cases were later withdrawn.

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Cases were registered in Punjab, still no arrest

Protesting agricultural laws, protesters in Punjab stalled rail operations from September 24 to November 24 last year, causing a loss of more than Rs 25 crore to Northern Railway. At the same time, people could not travel during the days of Dussehra, Diwali, Chhath and Navratri. The traders and farmers of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir also suffered due to the halt of freight movement. The three states were cut off from Delhi and other cities by rail route. The Railway Protection Force filed a case against protesters at different places in Punjab for disrupting rail operations, but no one was arrested. No one was nominated.



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