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Indian Railways Rules: Travelling with a waiting ticket in a train will attract a fine, you will also have to get off the train

Indian Railways Rules: If you have a train ticket and it is not confirmed, do not board the train thinking that you will get a seat. All passengers used to travel when there was a confirmed seat on PNR, due to which there was unnecessary crowd in trains. Now strict checking will be done in trains itself.

Indian Railways Reservation: Western Railways has disbanded all its ticket checking squads last month and deployed them for checking in trains. Actually, ticket checking staff is being sent to trains to strictly implement the rules related to railway travel made years ago.

Only those passengers who have confirmed tickets should travel in sleeper and AC classes of trains. If you travel with a waiting ticket, you will have to get down at the next station with a penalty. This is being done so that the passengers traveling in these classes do not face any kind of problem, but this strictness is having the opposite effect.

Complaints regarding passenger facilities increased

In the last few days, complaints regarding passenger facilities have increased by 36%. Till now, rail passengers travel by taking special category waiting counter tickets. Also, if one seat was confirmed on one PNR, all other passengers on waiting list also used to travel. Due to this, there used to be more passengers than the fixed seats in sleeper and AC coaches.

For passenger facilities and safety, the railways stopped the checking squad on June 18 and deployed ticket checking staff for checking in trains. What should have happened was that the ticket checking staff should have dropped the passengers travelling without confirmed tickets at the next station. So that the passengers can travel comfortably according to the seat in the respective coach, but this is not happening.

Travelling in general coach with penalty

  • Now you will have to pay a penalty for travelling in sleeper and AC coaches by taking waiting and general tickets in trains.
  • If you travel on a waiting ticket in AC coach, you will have to pay a penalty of Rs 440 and the fare to the next station.
  • If you travel on a waiting ticket in sleeper coach, you will have to pay a penalty of Rs 250 along with the fare to the next station.
  • If you travel in AC coach by taking a general ticket, a receipt for higher travels ticket was generated, which has now been discontinued.

Announcement about travelling with confirmed tickets

According to information received from the railways, currently the clone train of Malwa Express is running three days a week. Ratlam division has written a letter to the railway board to regularise this train. PRO Sharma said that from Monday, an announcement will also be made on the platform to travel only with confirmed tickets.

General coaches will increase in trains

Keeping in mind the convenience and safety of passengers, strictness has been increased. Along with ticket checking staff, RPF force is also being sent in trains. Now travel in sleeper and AC coaches can be done only with confirmed tickets. In the next two years, 10 thousand non-AC coaches will be produced. This also includes more than five thousand 300 general coaches. After this, passengers will easily get confirmed tickets in long distance trains. – Pradeep Sharma, PRO, Ratlam Division

Passengers are getting troubled instead of convenience

Railways has started the campaign without any preparation. When the sleeper coach is overcrowded, the ticket checking staff takes the passengers travelling unauthorisedly to the last sleeper coach. Because at many places the train stops for only two minutes. In such a situation, there are so many passengers in the last sleeper coach that there is no place to keep the feet.

In such a situation, the staff is not able to impose penalty. Here the passengers get troubled in this coach. Also, the general coach gets full at the starting station itself, in such a situation most of the unauthorised passengers have to get down at the middle station.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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