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Indian Railways: You will get confirmed seat immediately as soon as you book the ticket, this is the mega plan of Railways.

Indian Railways Infrastructure Mega Plan: People facing crowding during festivals will find all this to be a thing of the past in the next few years. For this, Railways has made a mega plan.

Ashwini Vaishnav Statement on Indian Railways Infrastructure: The exponentially increasing crowd of train passengers in the country has put even the government on alert. The government has prepared a big plan to reduce crowding in trains. Under this plan, work is going on to start 3 thousand new trains in the country in the next 5 years. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said on Thursday that the Government of India wants to increase the current passenger capacity of Railways from 800 crores to 1000 crores. For this, work is underway on a plan to start 3 thousand new trains in the next 5 years.

‘The country’s population is increasing’

Vaishnav said that reducing train travel time is another important goal of his ministry. Speaking to the media at Rail Bhawan in Delhi, the Railway Minister said, ‘At present about 800 crore passengers are traveling in Railways every year. Since the population of the country is increasing, we will have to increase this passenger capacity to one thousand crore in the next 4-5 years. For this, we need 3 thousand additional trains, which will help in meeting this increased number of passengers.

Currently 69 thousand new coaches

According to railway sources, the department currently has 69 thousand new coaches available and every year the Railways is making about five thousand new coaches. With all these efforts, Railways can bring 200 to 250 new trains every year, which is different from the 400 to 450 Vande Bharat trains. These trains are going to join the Railways in the coming years. Vaishnav said that reducing travel time is another target for the Railways, for which the ministry is working on improving the speed of trains and expanding the rail network.

5 thousand km track every year

He said, ‘It is very important to reduce the time taken to accelerate and decelerate long route trains because apart from stopping at designated stations, trains have to reduce speed at many turns on the route.’ Vaishnav said that to further increase the capacity of the Railways, about five thousand kilometers of tracks are being laid every year.

Vaishnav said, ‘More than one thousand flyovers and underpasses have also been approved and work has started at many places. Last year, we constructed 1,002 flyovers and underpasses and this year we aim to increase this number to 1,200.

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