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Interesting: ‘Maggi’ was born in Majubari, know how the name was born?

Our dear Maggie … that yellow packet that rules the hearts of all. You will also know the name of two minute noodles or instant maggi. Favorite food of Hostel Boys. In which that shiny packet of testmaker comes out. Tasty and Healthy also with the tagline, the scent of which makes the mouth watery .. Yes that is Maggie. It has been 37 years since I came to India. But, how did Maggie, who never cooks in two minutes, was born? Who gave it this name? Why was it not banned even after repeated disputes? While making Maggi the choice of millions of hearts, have these questions come in your mind? Let’s know the full story behind Maggie …

1- 37 year old Indian Maggie

It has been 37 years since Maggi’s entry into the Indian market. Maggie, who came on the market in the year 1984, would never have thought that she would get so much love. Nestle India Limited is the company that brought it to India. Everyone likes Maggi made in minutes. In 1947, the brand ‘Maggi’ was merged with Swiss company Nestlé, which has remained the most popular brand of Nestlé since then. Nestle India spends around Rs 100 crore on advertising, of which Maggi has the highest share. Maggi, one of India’s most valued brands, is actually an associate brand of the famous Swiss company Nestlé, but most people consider Nestle to be less, Maggi as the original brand.

2- How did Maggie get her name?

It is talked about when Maggie was born under compulsion. Due to lack of time. The Maggi brand was originally founded in 1872 by Julius Maggi, an entrepreneur from Switzerland. In Switzerland, it was an era of industrial revolution when women here had to work in factories for long hours. The Swiss Public Welfare Society enlisted the help of Julius Maggie, due to the long working hours, leaving very little time for cooking. In this way Maggie was born under compulsion so that her needs can be met. Julius named the product after his surname. By the way, his full name was Julius Michael Johannes Maggie. Maggi noodles were first introduced in Germany in the year 1897.

3- Nestle bought and Maggie reached every house

In the beginning, Julius made protein-rich food and ready-made soup. In this work, his Physician friend Fridolin Schuler helped him a lot. But people liked Maggi, which was made in two minutes. By the year 1912, Maggie had taken it by the people of many countries like America and France. But Julius Maggie died this year. His death also affected Maggi and its business continued slowly for a long time. Then came the year 1947, when Nestle bought Maggie and her branding and marketing brought Maggie to every home kitchen.

4- Risky Steps in India

When Nestle first launched noodles under the Maggi brand in the eighties, it was a pure breakfast option for urban people who did not have much time to eat and cook. This was a period when the country was recovering from the shock of emergency and the politics of upsurge in the largest democratic country was in full swing. There was only one brand name in the country and that was Indira Gandhi. The market and economy were running on the same fearful trajectory that was formed 35 years ago at the time of independence. In such a situation, it was no risk for a multinational company to launch its new and different product in a completely untouched market. However, Nestle took this risk with Maggie.

5- Maggie arrives in Indian kitchen

The Nestlé brand was famous and dependable for coffee, chocolate and milk powder, but had to make a lot of papad to set up completely different things like noodles. Initially, the company introduced the same noodles in the market which were prevalent in other countries. However, no such miracle was seen in India due to noodles which was caused by McDonald’s burgers and Domino’s pizza in America. Along with the slowly changing lifestyle, the eating habits were also changing in the same proportion. In the era of economic liberalization that came after 1991, when the doors of our markets opened to the world, the pace of changes accelerated. Maggie also benefited from this. Maggi ready to be ready in 2 minutes became the need of kitchen of modern mothers.

6- Indians dislike the taste of revenge

Nestle introduced new noodles by changing the formula to make Maggi noodles in 1997 to increase sales and market share. Indian consumers did not like this change and they rejected Maggi. Sales fell continuously for two years and finally in 1999 the company had to return to the old firm. Even today, maida noodles, which claim to be ready in the traditional 2 minutes of Maggi, are the number one choice.

7- Noodles market of 1000 crore annual sales

Nestle also launched several other products under the Maggi brand. These include products such as soup, roast masala, maggi kappa mania instant noodles. In India 90 percent of Maggi products are specially made keeping in mind the diverse culture of India and they are not found in the rest of the world. The Maggi brand has accounted for about 25 per cent of the net profit of Nestle Group in India and the annual figure has reached more than Rs 1000 crore. Now half a dozen new brands have arrived in this market. Most of these retail chains have their own brands.

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