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iPhone 13 Bumper Offers! Get 70 thousand phone in just 35 thousand, take advantage of the offer immediately

Online prices of Apple iPhone 13 have been drastically cut. An Apple premium reseller is offering the phone at a tremendous price. iPhone 13 with 70 thousand can be bought for about 35 thousand. The biggest discount ever is being given on iPhone 13. Let’s know how the phone can be bought cheaply …

iPhone 13 Price Cut

iPhone lovers have yet another reason to buy the iPhone 13 – it is the effective price at which the phone can be bought. You can buy 128GB storage variant of iPhone 13 for just Rs 35,513.

How to buy iphone 13 cheap

To get the iPhone 13 for Rs 35,513, many offers have to be added. This huge discount can be availed at Maple Store, an Apple premium reseller.

Rs 44,477 off on iPhone 13

The Maplestore website says that buyers can get the 128GB variant of the iPhone 13 at a whopping discount of Rs 44,477, thus reducing the price from the listed price of Rs 79,990 to Rs 35,513.

Offers on iphone 13

The effective price of Rs 35,513 includes some other elements – Maple special discount of Rs 10,387, Rs 5,000 cashback on HDFC Bank cards, Rs 5,000 exchange bonus and Rs 24,000 buyback prize.

Exchange bonus to get iPhone 13

Customers should note that the exchange bonus is applicable only at stores for the iPhone 11 model. The iPhone 11 should also be in good condition for the said exchange.

iPhone 13 Price in Amazon Summer Sale 2022

The price drop of iPhone 13 comes around Amazon Summer Sale 2022. During the Amazon Summer Sale, Apple’s iPhone 13 is priced at Rs 66,900, down from its listed MRP of Rs 79,990.



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