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IPL 2021: The ball is dry, it will turn around… It was a miracle as MS Dhoni said, Sunil Gavaskar was also taken aback.

This surprising incident came to light during the match played between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals in the IPL.

Do not doubt the leopard’s movement, the eagle’s eye and the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. After all, Dhoni is the name of the person who has the ability to change the attitude of the match not only with his batting, not only wicketkeeping but also with his captain. The same form of Mahi was seen against Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League match played on Monday. The Chennai Superkings team won a big 45 runs in this match. During this, Dhoni was seen in full color. At one time, as he sat down to become a magician, what he said went on. Dhoni’s style surprised former Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar.

Actually, this incident happened when Rajasthan Royals batsman Jose Butler hit a long six off the bowling of Chennai bowler Ravindra Jadeja in the tenth over of the innings. The ball went to the stand, after which the second ball was changed and provided to the bowler. In such a situation, when Jadeja started the next over, MS Dhoni could say from behind the wicket that the ball is dry, it will rotate. And look amazing, the very first ball of this over of Jadeja took a turn at leg-stump and took a turn off Jos Buttler’s off-stump. MS Dhoni and Jadeja’s happiness did not stop at the moment of getting the wicket.

Everything from bowling conversion to field placement worked

Seeing this form of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian veteran commentator Sunil Gavaskar was also very impressed. Gavaskar said, the changes Dhoni made in bowling were fantastic. Submitted the dry ball to the spinners. Amazing story. Sunil Gavaskar did not stop here. He also said, Dhoni’s captain was very influential. In his 200th match for CSK, each of his bets worked. Bowling changes, field placements, all great. According to Gavaskar, Jadeja took four catches, but also see how many boundaries he saved. That is why it is very important to deploy the right fielders in the right place and Dhoni did exactly that.

Styris said, Dhoni read the pitch well

Not only Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian cricket team spinner Pragyan Ojha also said that Dhoni’s advice to Jadeja changed the stance of the match. At the same time, Scott Styris, a former New Zealand cricketer and part of the commentary team, said, “I don’t think anyone would have expected that the ball would move that much in the second innings.” But Dhoni read the pitch well. Dhoni deserved to win in his 200th match as the captain of CSK. Styris said, Dhoni has done a great job in the history of the league. Now they are celebrating the wicket as well. They know how important it is for CSK to leave behind the performance of their last season.



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