IRCTC has issued new rules regarding booking of train tickets, it is very important to know


New Delhi: IRCTC has issued new rules regarding booking of train tickets. According to the new rule, just 30 minutes before the departure of the train, another new chart will be made, so that if the seats are vacant at the last moment, some people can be allotted seats and they can make their journey.

Facility for online ticketing

In the era of Corona epidemic, the chart was being made two hours before the scheduled time of the train. But this time was four hours before the corona epidemic. And now this time has been reduced to 30 minutes. This has been done keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers. Now in the time between first and second chart, passengers can get tickets from the ticket counter, which will be given on first come and first served basis.

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How to book tickets through IRCTC:
Step 1- Visit IRCTC’s app / website or visit this link:
Step 2- From your details such as where to travel, date, which class to travel.
Step 3- Click on ‘Find Trains’.
Step 4- Select the train.
Step 5-: Click on ‘Availability option and fare journey’.
Step 6: Now click on fare, seat availability on the due date.
Step 7- After seeing the seat of your train, click on ‘Book Now’.
Step 8 – Login IRCTC account.
Step 9- Enter your details
Step 10- Pay the fare and your ticket is now booked.



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