Is Curd Good For An Upset Stomach?


If you are thinking about is curd good for an upset stomach? Curd is one of the most common foods that is available nearly in every house. As it is easy to set and has numerous benefits, curd is very popular throughout the country. Its slurry texture and unique taste make it a popular ingredient in numerous dishes. It is a staple food for many states and is consumed as it is. 

Is Curd Good For An Upset Stomach?

Indigestion, bloating, loose motions and nausea are the most common symptoms of an upset stomach. Curd is a probiotic food. It contains good bacteria that make it good digestive food. The good bacteria present in curd often promote digestion and treats diarrhoea.

To understand the benefits of curd in treating an upset stomach, it is very important that we know the reasons that are behind it.

What Causes An Upset Stomach? Reasons to Look Out For:

1. Food Tolerance

Is Curd Good For An Upset Stomach?

Being intolerant towards some foods may be the primary reason for some stomach upsets. Some people might be allergic to some products or chemicals present in a certain food while others may easily digest it. Such intolerance towards food items is very common in causing stomach upset. Lactose intolerance is one such example where a person gets allergic to lactose and consuming it causes indigestion.

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2. Post Stomach Flu

If someone is affected by fever and nausea after getting stomach flu, he might be suffering from stomach upset. It is very common to see such a scenario. 

3. Liver and Pancreatic Illness

Is Curd Good For An Upset Stomach?

Liver and Pancreas are two vital organs of our digestive system. They secrete enzymes and juices that help in the proper digestion of food. However, sometimes if the organs are affected

by a disease or sickness, it might impair the secretion of these digestive fluids. This might result in improper digestion and stomach upset.

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4. Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety has a deep relationship with the digestive system. No direct cause has been yet established between stress and indigestion but in numerous case studies, it has come forward that stress causes indigestion and stomach upset. It might result from improper diet or irregular eating habits. 

Anxiety leads to over thinking that psychologically inhibits the process of good digestion and sometimes leads to stomach upset. 

5. Exhaustion and Lack of Sleep

Exhaustion and sleeplessness are the results of tiredness. Irregular lifestyle can often deprive you of sleep and result in exhaustion. This results in disturbing the normal lifestyle and impairs the systems of our body, including the digestive system. This might lead to indigestion, stomach upset and dizziness. 

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Why Is Curd Known As A Cure For Indigestion?

As curd is a probiotic food, it contains good bacteria. These bacteria help in quick digestion of food by lessening the intestinal transit time. As a result, indigestion is avoided. The bacteria present in curd also help in fighting the microbes that enter the digestive system with food. 

People who are lactose intolerant can eat curd as it contains a lactic acid bacterium that helps in the digestion of lactose. Being a naturally cooling food, it helps in digestion of rich and oily food.  

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How To Consume Curd For An Upset Stomach? 

If you are facing stomach upset, you can take curd in its easily digestible form. It can be made into a light lassi or buttermilk. Curd rice can also help stop stomach upsets and loose motion. Curd contains good bacteria that help to replenish the population of necessary bacteria in the digestive tracts that help in making bowel movement normal.

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Two Easiest Home Made Dishes To Consume During Stomach Upset

  1. Buttermilk

Is Curd Good For An Upset Stomach?

Buttermilk is one of the ancient natural coolants of India. It consists of all simple ingredients and can be made by anyone. With all common ingredients, it needs only 15 minutes to prepare. 


Curd- ¾ cup

Coldwater- ½ cup

Rock salt- as per taste

Crushed Black Pepper

Coriander leaves- finely chopped

Servings: One


Mix curd well with the salt and the crushed black pepper and whip till there is no lump.

Add the cold water to it and stir. 

Keep it at rest for 15 minutes.

Add the coriander leaves and serve. 

  1. Curd Rice

Known to be one of the popular dishes in South India, Curd Rice is a boon for the stomach and treats an upset stomach. It is a cooling food that soothes the digestive tract. Curd Rice is one of the easiest recipes and can be prepared in half an hour. 


Rice- 1 cup

Curd- 2 cups

Urad dal- ½ cup

Curry leaves

Green chillies

Cumin powder



Servings: 2


Boil the rice and strain the water. Keep it aside

In a pan take a little oil and tamper it with the curry leaves and green chillies. 

Add urad dal and cumin powder to the oil and fry until golden brown.

Take the rice and mix it with salt and curd.

Add the contents of the pan to the curd rice.

Garnish with green chillies.

Curd is known to promote digestion for centuries. It is a probiotic that is known to treat gas and indigestion. It is very useful in treating an upset stomach as well. 

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Hope we were able to answer the question is curd good for an upset stomach.


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